Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 17: "Spring is in the (Bel) Air!"

My Most Wonderful Family and Friends,

On the mission, weeks go by like days and days go by like weeks. Time is so strange out here, and I would think that everyone who's served a mission would agree with me.

We've been keeping ourselves very busy, working on updating the area book! We've knocked on a LOT of doors. When I say a lot, I mean it. I'm feel as though I'm getting more and more comfortable with talking to people I've never met before. It's great!

This week we taught door approaches at an "MTC Experience" Activity for the youth. We had so much fun! We even had volunteer actors from the ward so that our kids could role play. We walked around and helped the youth if they didn't know what to say. It's fun teaching others how to be a missionary! Maybe one day I'll teach at the MTC. That would be a fun job.

I got scared so badly this week while doing service! We helped a couple who had just moved in to the ward in the Winter with their yard. There was a lot to be done, and Sister Roundy and I had a fantastic time while doing it. It's so refreshing to finally work outside when it is warm. I was picking up wood debris in the large yard, and I went to pick up a twisted root, only to see that it had a face!! Aah! It was a mummified squirrel, skin and all! That was a momentarily terrifying surprise to the innocent passerby. I took a lot of pictures of it that I'll share as soon as I can. It was fascinating. We guessed it got stuck in a snow drift and frozen in the Winter months. 

The Mummy
To Be, Or Not To Be?

The couple we served were so appreciative. They had wanted their patio cleaned off and set up before their kids came home to visit, and we were able to accomplish that. They said we helped them have hope that they'll be able to accomplish what they want to this spring! Just having them say that and seeing their eyes light up made it worth it.

We had a special experience with Patsy this week. We watched "On the Lord's Errand" - a documentary of the life of President Monsen before he became President of the Church. It was a powerful witness that the Lord's hand is in the lives of those he calls, and that whoever he calls he qualifies to do His work. The Spirit was so strong as we watched it. Patsy loved it. I think it clarified any questions she had about latter-day prophets. Her first questions afterwards were how she could be baptized and how soon.

On the Lord's Errand: The Life of Thomas S. Monson

I also learned that people can be not so kind to missionaries. On exchanges Sister Haas and I went to a home that a brother in the church had referred us to, because there was someone he wanted us to visit. We were met at the gate by snarling, barking dogs, and then a man came out and started yelling at us. We replied to him calmly, apologized for getting the wrong address, got in our car....and burst out laughing. That's really all you can do in that situation. :D We really can't control how others treat us, only how we treat them in return.

Yesterday I had dinner with a family, and they had 9 kids!! It was almost relieving to be back in that atmosphere. Have I ever mentioned that I love that I'm from a large family? Ali sent me a family picture, and I show it off to everyone I can! I love how fun and chaotic it was.

Oh, and before I go. Have I ever mentioned how much I love and look  forward to General Conference? I kid you not, I think it's more exciting to me than Christmas. I just can't wait!

Well, until next week - good luck! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

There is no more rewarding work than spreading joy to others!

Sister Rachel Ann Bennett
An antique we found in our first week here.
A drawing I did for one of the youth in our ward.

Sister Roundy!

 I'mma Giant.

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  1. Dear Sister Bennett, I love reading your posts. I had a blast knocking on doors and yes it did help me in that I can talk to anyone and everyone. It drives my mom crazy!!! As she is a VERY shy person. One experience that comes to mind while we were tracting a new area was we came to this one door, the young man who opened the door was CLEARLY wearing a BYU t-shirt and right straight a head of us on the was was a picture of the SL Temple. My companion at the time, however was SO intent on doing her door approach that she TOTALLY missed all the things pointing to the fact that he was a member, and we were new to the area, I quickly surmized that he was the son of members who had just returned home from his mission. Anyways, she continued her speil, the YM and I exchanged knowing glances and he smiled and nodded and she continued. He let us in and it was about 5 min of surveying the place and small talk that my comp FINALLY que'd in that he was a member. We, the YM and I, laughed and laughed. }its funny that you posted a picture of the squirrel, just this past w/e on a home reno show...they were wripping out dry wall and such and right on whon of the walls was a fossilized mouse. GROSS!!!! was all I could think. Roadents are going to haunt my dreams now. LOL!!! Thank you for sharing your expereinces. I LOVE being a missionary. All the best, Sister (Scout) Anderson.