Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 18: "Doors"

Dear those I LOVE:

Well. Another week has come and gone! This may be a shorter note, but I'll tell you of all my adventures nonetheless!

It was one of those weeks where we must have knocked on at least a hundred doors. Unfortunately it seems as though most doors this week were either bad timing when we dropped by, they weren't interested in having us in (seriously, two cute & friendly girls with a great message? Why wouldn't want to let us in?), or else they just weren't home. Mostly it was the latter. Thursday we must have been around to 20 homes, and it wasn't good timing for anyone. We were debating whether or not to just go home, but I suggested that we try one more person. This individual we had been trying to get a hold of since our first day in the area (so for a month or so), and had been unsuccessful. Well, you guessed it! She was home! We had a fantastic visit with her. Sometimes we can be led to all the wrong doors just so we are at the right one at just the right time.

You meet the coolest people. Do I sound like a broken record? I think I say this every week. :) This week we met a lady who is VERY into geo-cashing. Geo-cashing is basically treasure-hunting with GPS coordinates. People hide (and submit the coordinates online) geo-cashes all the time. Anyway, this lady in our ward has been successful in finding a geo-cash for over 560 days in a row, and she says that she's going to continue this streak until she beats the all time record of 1000 in a row. Hoo-rah. Rock on, Sister. She's an adventurous spirit. I love it. Her husband is a music-guru from England. I was pretty jealous when I heard that he's seen Queen (with Freddie Mercury) live. If only time-travel was possible. If only.

Oh. Speaking of music, we borrowed a Primary song meets dubstep CD from a Sister in our Zone. There is a version of "I hope they call me on a mission" with a righteous primary rap in the middle. Sister Roundy and I may or may not have rewound and listened to that rap over and over until we memorized the whole thing. Ha. It's amazing what we missionaries do to entertain ourselves. ;)

I bought the Vocal Point CD - "Lead Thou Me On". I love talent. It's so good! 

This Sunday we were called into the 5 year old class. They were all wearing homemade name tags! Their teacher put on "I hope they call me on a mission" and all the kids sang to us! At the line "when I've grown a foot or two" they took paper pictures of themselves that had adjustable legs and grew them for us! So tender. 

Numbers-wise things are a little bit low, as is expected of a new area. However, Sister Roundy and I are working hard. We're setting a lot of goals that hopefully get things moving in this area. I love serving in this here ward. We've been warned that this ward has been hard in the past in terms of missionary work, but I don't believe that for a second. It's going to be a productive area when I'm through with it. ;)

Time is short! Adios my friends!
-Sister B. 
Melts my heart!

Elders will be Elders.

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