Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 19: "God is Good."

March 31, 2014
To: The Best Family (and Friends) this North American Continent has to offer!
(In my humble opinion.)

Hey! Listen! (Catch the reference?)

Things continue to go well, here in Boise Idaho. It really is a great place to serve a mission. I submit that it is one of the best places to serve one. To me at least. ;)

This week was busy! Which of course, is the best. A busy missionary - and a teaching missionary - is a happy missionary.

We started the week off on an unique note - Sister Roundy was sick. While she was recovering I spent the day catching up on writing letters and organizing. No matter how much I seem to do, there is always more to get done!

One special opportunity we had was to participate in a special training meeting for all the Sisters in the mission! No only was I able to see many who I love, but it was a great learning opportunity as well. There is a reason more and more women are choosing to serve missions, and I'm excited for that. There was over 60 of us in attendance. There are some great sisters in this mission that I can learn from.

I thought that was girl power to the max - until I attended the General Women's Conference. There is something incredibly inspiring and powerful about thousands, if not millions, of women in the church of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity, and culture coming together to learn. I was touched God's love and spirit as I learned from our leaders about covenants, service, and our great potential as women and children of God. We took our investigator, Patsy, to the broadcast. As we watched she turned to each of us and simply said, "Thank you."

We found two people to teach this week. I love teaching the message of the Restoration. If I could sum up the entirety of that message in a phrase, I would say, "God Speaks." God can give us guidance if we sincerely seek it, and he loves each and every one of us. No matter who we are.

One of those opportunities happened because Sister Roundy and I felt we should practice teaching. As we looked over members in the ward, both of us felt like we needed to ask a recent convert if we could practice on her. When we called her, she said a friend of hers that is not a member was staying with her long term, so we could practice on her! That was a blessing, and it was a really good experience talking to her.

I have never before been told that I have a light about me, but during that particular lesson, I was told by an individual who is not sure she believes in God that I do have a light - and that that is something she wants in her life. That truly was a humbling experience.

Last week, we dropped by the home of our musical director in the ward. I told her if she ever needed someone to sing, I was available. Well, unbeknownst to me, that next week she had to organize an unexpected funeral. She tried many people in the ward to see if they could do a musical number, and it seemed as though nobody was available. She then remembered that I had dropped by, and when that came to mind she asked me. I was of course willing - and grateful - for that opportunity. I asked Sister Haas to sing with me as well (she has a wonderful voice), and we sang "How Great Thou Art." I love that song. It was a small funeral service - just family and close friends. I hope that through our music we helped increase the sense and feeling of love in the room. To me that is what it would mean to be successful.

Christ paid attention to the one; the individual. It's amazing that as we go through this work - as representatives of Jesus Christ - we are led to individuals who we serve one at a time. There have been several instances this week that names of specific individuals have come in mind as we have prayed and sought out who we should serve. As we've followed those promptings, I know that we have seen blessings. Some of these may seem small and simple, but through small and simple things are great things come to pass. (Alma 37:6-7)

This week I am amazed at the tender mercies of God. With all honesty, my experiences this week have truly led me to know that no matter how limited, or weak, or flawed we are, God can work through us. We can be instruments (Alma 26:15-16) in his hands to touch and bless the lives of others.That is where real happiness lies. I can tell you now without any reservation that I have never been as deeply and profoundly happy as I am right now serving as a missionary.

I love you. I hope all is well.

-Sister Bennett

Our fabulous Sister Training Leaders; Sister Edstrom (top) and Sister Haas.

One of my best friends!

Two great sisters I've worked with: Sister Hatch and Sister Pratt
ALL of my companions. Ever! Sister Willard, me, Sister Allen, and Sister Roundy!

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