Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 49: "Master has given Dobby a Sock! Dobby is free!"

Dear everyone!

This one is going to be fast! I think the computers here are slow, so we don't have as much time as I've had elsewhere to email. That's why I'm always RUSHED but that's alright! All is well!

Alright. This is my week.

Monday- It started off AWESOME! For P-Day we went and painted at the Bonsacks. They aren't members of the church, but they are super spiritual and nice to missionaries, and they are examples to me of Christlike living. :) Debbie is a professional studio artist, and so we joined with her for a few hours to do art! I'll show you my finished product next week. It was awesome. :)

Tuesday- another great day! We had dinner at the MacTaggarts, a great couple with three young, very energetic kids. In fact, before I knew it the two boys had duct tape, and were taping me up. I somehow managed to share a message despite my physical limitations though! I tried to be like Nephi and have the faith to break my bonds, but negative. It didn't happen.

Wednesday- we went on SPLITS with Mary and Nancy, two adventurous, two-peas-in-a-pod single lady ward missionaries. To illustrate how adventurous they are, in their sixties they often like to do things such as a) Whitewater rafting b) exploring, and c) fly hot air balloons. They are just a bundle of FUN. :) I went with Nancy, who reminds me a lot of my Aunt Mary, and so naturally we bonded pretty well. :) We rode BIKES and made a great visit.

Thursday- had an appointment, and during realized my stomach was not feeling well AT ALL. So we went home...RIP

Friday- Sick. What a struggle. My companion called me Dobby. She's full of nice compliments for me. We spend some time watching Church movies...My companion made Navajo tacos for the district though! I didn't get to try them though. :( 

Saturday- Sick. Again. The worst trial as a missionary is not rejection. Nope, it's those times when you can't go out and do the work. I felt so...blah. Well, it's more motivation to work even harder when we're better, right?

Sunday- I was feeling almost better!! And companion got sick. :( I think we've almost died of cabin fever at this point! But on the bright side I read over 100 pages of Jesus the Christ. That book is absolutely incredible. It's like I can picture being there, in that time, where our Savior walked and taught. It makes things so clear. I love Jesus Christ, and I cannot deny my testimony of Him. :) All I want to do is read now!

That's the week! I cannot believe this transfer is over already. It's FLOWN by!

Love, your favorite Canadian, rose-from-the-dead, apparently a house-elf, Sister Missionary,
Sister Bennett

All the glory of Sheila Doherty's home. She has Aslan. 
Hidden Springs - the mysteries are being revealed. This is the BONSACKS. We did art with them last Monday. :)  She has a huge studio on the 3rd floor! It was an artists heaven. :) And yes, their yellow house with the purple door is complete with a matching birdhouse. 
Hidden Springs. We were out walking one day.
They go ALL out. Hardcore for Halloween. This is just scratching the surface.
We've been told the cat has no rules. Luckily we ate all the bread before this happened...Yet again, a reason why I love cats. 
Sister MARTEL! She's the one who lived and Calgary and brought me Macintosh's Toffee! 
This happened...It's blurry because that's how fast those boys are.

Grams Baptism! Pictures of Grams, Cora and Angie - who all were baptized in the past month and a half. :)

Kaity!! I got to go home to my old greenie area and I saw a few familiar faces. :)
Missionary swag

Another view of the Halloween House. Glorious.

That was scary. That dog didn't like us. And it bit our shoes, but then it was nice enough. But we were so scared. :P

JACK! I love you Jack! 
Tied up. And hostage to Sister Capitan's commands. (She's a UofU fan. I'll never hear the end of it.)

Week 48: "Macintosh Toffee"

October 20, 2014
Dear Everyone,

Emailing seems to last shorter and shorter spans of time! I apologized if I haven't had the chance to individually reply to everybody - I've wanted to, but I'm afraid that would take all P-Day, and I might not have a happy companion if that was the case. :)

First thing's first!! I JUST got a phone call from Sister Martel - a lady I met 10 MONTHS ago! She remembered me, because well, we're both CANADIAN! I got a call - and she said she went to Canada, and picked me up MACINTOSH TOFFEE! I've had people offer to pick me up Canadian treats etc, but they couldn't find that one, and now someone who didn't even know I love it bought it for me! I'm so happy. I didn't get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving at all, but this makes up for it. 

We've had just an incredible week. I think a start to it was going on exchanges back to my GREENIE area! It was surreal! It started out with doing service for Sister Himle, who I used to exercise with every morning a year ago! Then, we were able to have some great teaching appointments with new people the Sisters are working with in that area. Then we happened to run into CHARLIE Wilson (who was baptized a couple months ago!) with the kids - Ella, "Puppy", and Abby in tow, walking home from School. I loved seeing them. It's hard not giving certain people hugs. (If you know me, hugs = my life. How I've survived as a missionary and not hugging men, I know not.) We then had dinner with the WAITES, and I got to see Kaity again! (Kaity LOVES Canada - she went to Canada and brought me home precious gifts once upon a time.) And it's not over, I then got to go see my "Mom" Joyce Sundquist! It was such a blessing to be able to reconnect with all those people. They all look great. 

We also saw two miracles on Friday and Saturday. Well, it started off as a setback. We spend about half an hour biking up a hill, searching for an address that continually is a mystery to us. As we biked down such hill, Sister Capitan ZOOMS past me. And suddenly I hear a scream. SISTER BENNETT MY BRAKE BROKE, MY BRAKE BROKE! SISTER BENNNEETTTT!!! She disappeared down the hill, past a common road at the bottom of the hill. It was SO funny to hear her, and yet I was simultaneously terrified that she had crashed....When I found her she was on the ground, laughing. SHE SURVIVED. Her brake did break though! She managed to swerve to the side and forcible crash land. Well, that was a setback in time. We went to our Ward Mission Leaders, delivered the bike, and drove to our dinner, at the RIRIE's, who are related to us through James Boyack Ririe! Cool. We had a great visit with them. Sister Capitan told them about how before she came to the chuch she had 10 pt gages in her ears, she wanted to be a tattoo artist (now she does Henna instead), and she had snakebite piercings! It's so cool being with a convert. :) (Even if she was baptized at 10, we still consider her one.) She said one of her hangups to going to church was that she thought she would be judged, but she said that wasn't the case at all. I love to hear that.

Since we were in a car, we drove different routes, and we happened to drive past a referral we've been trying to contact for 2 months. I knew we needed to stop and try. We knocked...and she was home! And let us in, and we ended up teaching her about the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. She's a new investigator! It was an amazing visit, and I know it wasn't an accident we were there at that time. :) She's going to start coming to our Book of Mormon class.

On Saturday, we asked a French Speaking Bishop (of the 13th ward) to go and visit Sakina with us. Well, Sakina wasn't home (even though we had set an appointment), so we tried the Malubeki's. It was bad timing for them, so we decided to try a former investigator. We tried the Bisokas. I wanted to see where they were at, and what they had thought of the past teachings of the missionaries. It was a miracle visit! Yvette was incredibly receptive, and it was amazing to see the realizations she had that we believe that God still speaks and reveals things to us today. We need it in this crazy world, don't we? Bishop Sturgill taught about Prophets, the Bible, Joseph Smith, and the restoration. The Spirit was incredibly strong. I can only compare it to a feeling of tangible love permeating the room, almost like you could reach out and grab it. Before I was told that the Bisoka's didn't want to hear anything from the Book of Mormon, but now she sincerely wants to read it. :) We're going to bring her a French Book of Mormon, and mark "highlights" in it to read. I'm so grateful. 

I could go on, but I think pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll try to send a few. :) I love you all! It's been an amazing week!

<3 Sister Bennett

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 47: "Epic Fails, Maple Leafs, and Quarterbacks"

October 13, 2014
Dear Everyone,

Well, why is it that I always seem to not have as much time as I intend on having? Oh well, such is the nature of the mission.

This week. Hmm. This week. Well, it had some glorious moments! And some hilarious moments. But mostly it was us doing what we do best - try to take over the world! ...Or not. :P We are just up to the same missionary things!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to not be frustrated about things, especially when they are out of my control. So I'm gonna stop that right now. :)

My favorite moments of the week? Well, I'll tell ya!

1. Lets start with my embarrassing moment. We were walking on the street, and we saw two boys walking with a baseball bat. I asked them if they were going to play. One was going to answer me, but then he tripped in a random, foot size mud hole hiding on the corner of the sidewalk. He tried to walk it off nonchalantly, but his foot and leg were covered in mud! What a trooper. I felt so badly. Sometimes talking with everyone doesn't bring about the best results...My companion couldn't stop laughing.

2. Maple leafs. The leaves are changing colors! And it is beautiful here! AND everyone's getting decked out for Halloween, especially in Hidden Springs. The houses are crazy! Light shows, skeletons on the roof, everything! In fact, one house had a casket out front. Intense. My companion found a perfect, red, maple leaf. Like the one on our flag. She was going to take a picture, but didn't have her camera. Well, we had stopped walking and sat down temporarily so I could make a phone call and we could figure out dinner...and without thinking I picked up her maple leaf, and started playing with it. And ripped it. I killed her leaf! She'll never let me hear the end of it. :)

3. GRAMS was baptized in my past area! I had the chance to go back, speak on Baptism, and see many that I love, including Sister Roundy, Sister Fiefia, and Angie! And to top it off with whipped tender mercy topping, when we left families were coming in to do Stake baptisms, and I saw the JENKS! One of my favorite families in the world! I was so happy.

4. We got to see Meet the Mormons as a Zone! I forgot how much film can be a powerful medium for good. :) I really do love documentaries. Yes, I'll admit I miss watching movies, but don't worry, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. And I would recommend it to anyone! Especially those who want to know more about what us Mormons are about. :) It helps dissolve a lot of stereotypes. And no, I didn't cry. (Almost.)

5. We finally met with the Mapes! They're a family that are on and off investigating the Church, and I've been trying to meet them since getting here two months ago. We had a great visit with them, and ended up using our creative talents to help them decorate for Halloween! Their son has nicknamed me Princess Bennett. I wonder where that came from. It was a great tender mercy, that's for sure. I'm excited to work with them. 

6. A lady we met on the street the other day wants to meet with us! Miracles on miracles! We were late for dinner that day because we met her, and ended up talking for a while about the restoration! She's going to Comic Con this week, so we'll see what happens in a couple weeks from now. 

I love this work. I love my companion, and am learning SO much from her. Her story is amazing, and I love getting to know more of it every day. It's refreshing. I'm grateful for her light. I'm grateful that missions aren't what I expected them to be. I'm grateful for the boring or frustrating moments, or those moments when everyone cancels and you have to re-plan what to do. I'm grateful, because without those experiences I don't think I would treasure those moments where things do seem to just fall into place. 

I love you all!

Sister Rachel Ann Bennett

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 46: "I Love General Conference :)"

October 6, 2014

Well, I have so much to say, and not very much time. So I'm afraid you're going to get a direct point form one  from me! 

1. I love General Conference. :) Was that not inspiring? I always leave Conference weekend feeling light and inspired. It's especially meaningful as I'm spending this time serving the Lord. I couldn't say enough about it and the talks that I enjoyed, but two that stood out to me in the Saturday Sessions were Elder Robbins and Elder Oaks, and Sunday's were Elder Godoy's, and Elder Bednar's. 

2. We watched conference with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, and Chuck! It was really cool. Also, it was really cool that they made us breakfast. (Have I ever mentioned that it's my favorite meal of the day, and I'll have breakfast for dinner anytime?) 

3. We started riding BIKES!! It's exhilarating! No more walking all day and getting no-where, or driving all day and feeling gross because we haven't gotten exercise! Our Ward Mission Leader was so kind in getting everything ready, and he even bought helmets for us. Unbelievable. It's been about 6 good years since I've been on a good bike ride, and I had to re-learn how to ride one with a skirt and a bag. Let's just say before long I put on a longer skirt, and lightened my load a bit. Good thing you can't forget how to ride a bike.   

4. I've had no money for groceries the last two weeks, due to a few expenses I've had in the past month. We thought we were going to get money on our card last Monday, but, alas, to no avail. SO last Monday I spent my remaining dollerage on a loaf of bread and a bag of spinach. We also hadn't had any dinners scheduled last week. But this just goes to show that the Lord provides. :) We had a stranger-member from Oregon give us $20 on our way to Wendy's, getting food from the dollar menu. We ended up saving that for the next day going out to eat at Cafe Rio (since it's two meals in one basically - there's so much!) and when we went to Cafe Rio the next day we got to the till and it was paid for! We also were given more leftovers than I've ever received on my mission. My testimony has grown in that I know the Lord provides! 

5. I felt the most sacred Spirit in a home. Yesterday Sister Capitan and I were invited into a home of a less active couple, the husband of which has terminal cancer. We could tell it wasn't easy, and isn't easy at all in all aspects. I hope we were able to offer comfort with our thoughts, and love. I sang "Abide with Me." to him. It was one of the strongest feelings of love and peace I have ever experienced, and I knew the Spirit of the Lord was there. I'm so grateful for that experience. I cannot deny that God exists, not after having those experiences. I know there is a life afterwards, and that it offers incredible peace.

I love you, and hope you have a great week!

<3 Sister Bennett

Week 45: "BEST 1 1/2 YEARS!"

September 29, 2014
Dear Everyone that I Couldn't do it Without,

Honestly, this has probably been one of the most rewarding weeks of my mission. Louis was baptized!! I won't be able to say enough about him. What an amazing journey. He's on fire. I just know he's going to go out and make an incredible difference for good in the lives of others. I feel lucky to have been one of the missionaries to teach him! 

What was amazing was just the feeling of his baptism. But I just want to let you know of some of the back story, because it's amazing. Louis's friend, Ken, was the one to baptize him. Ken was at one point less active. However, when his daughter was young, she asked him if she could be baptized. He then called his very active father to see if he could do it. All his father told him (Ken) was "get it right" and then hung up the phone. Well, Ken discussed it with his wife, and decided to again become active in the church. From that, his wife joined the church, and his family has since been sealed for time and all eternity in the temple. :) Later down the road Louis comes into the picture, and Ken and Louis became good friends. At around a year ago, Louis designated this year as a year of change. It started with his mental health, and from that he has lost over 100 pounds. That began his journey. At this point, I'm not sure too much of the details, but basically Ken invited Louis (who has been to over 20 different churches and had been baptized twice before) to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true. Louis took him on that offer, and prayed even before he had begun to read. The Spirit told him it was true. :) From that point, he has been reading, and making the amazing changes in his life that the Gospel can bring.

On Saturday he was just glowing. He bore testimony after his baptism of living Prophets, the Book of Mormon, and of the amazing feeling he had after his baptism. Yesterday was amazing as he was confirmed. It was fast and testimony meeting, and afterwards he got up to bear his testimony. He spoke of his feelings of the Gift he had just been given. He told us he knew it was real, and true, and that after 43 years of searching he had found his home. :) He is so grateful for that 43 year long journey. He also let us know that this will not be the last time the congregation would hear from him. I don't doubt that for a second. 

Well, there's not much I can say after that. I feel humbled. I can't repeat this enough - The most valuable gift my mission has given me is not the relationships I've gained with others. Rather, it is seeing others gain a greater relationship to a loving, forgiving God. I've seen that with Louis, and I almost envy him for what he has experienced. I'm so grateful I am here. I think God is letting me know more and more of who I really am, and who I can become.


So, switch gears for a moment, while I talk about this first week with Sister Capitan! I love her! Have I ever mentioned she's a convert? She was baptized when she was young, but has no memory of it since her family never took her back. She's only been an active member of the church for a year! Half of that year has been on her mission. I truly admire her courage for doing what she is. It's a breath of fresh air, that's for sure. Sometimes I wish I was a convert too, but I guess we all can be in our own way. :)

Since she's Native American, and I'm distantly related to Pocahontas, we call ourselves the Nephite and the Lamanite.

AND funny moments of the week:

- We were driving home, and I told Sister Capitan to slap me. So she did. And it was much harder than both of us expected. We couldn't stop laughing.

- We were outside of apartments, talking to a couple ladies. One of them used to be a member, and the other is a friend we gave a Book of Mormon to. Both are extremely friendly! In fact, the less-active member wanted to know how to get access to the film Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, so I referred her to it on youtube. :) She's going to watch it with her boyfriend who isn't a member, but is interested in our history! We also want to sing a duet at some point. Anyway, I digress. Both were smoking/sharing a cigarette, and at one point our friend held out the cigarette, waiting for Sister Capitan to share it with her! Sister Capitan didn't know what to do, and then suddenly it clicked with our friend what she was doing! She was so embarrassed! Again, we couldn't stop laughing. All of us.

- Sister McClellan is now in a trio, and I'm pretty sure they have WAY too much fun.

- Sister Capitan and I one night during planning decided we would go out...and dance in the rain!! Yes.

- Another night I decided to express how much I passionately dislike Duke. (Well - or I'm just envious of them - because of one memorable basketball game against BYU in which their Austrailian point-guard shot a last second half court shot to win it. Yes, I was in the stands. Yes, that wasn't cool.) Well, Sister Capitan had this strange look on her face, and she pointed toward her lamp. On it was a Duke lanyard. Oops. :P UofU AND Duke fan. Haha! We'll make this work. 

I love you all! Take care this week - and remember that you all are awesome in your own ways.

Sister Bennett


I feel like this is important. General Conference is this week! We got a taste with the Women's Session, and I just can't wait until this next Saturday and Sunday! Have I ever mentioned I look forward to General Conference more than I look forward to Christmas? I definitely invite everyone to watch as much as they can. There always seems to be a message said that is as if they are talking to me personally. 

Well, stay out of trouble! Remember who you are and what you stand for!

- Your Sister.

We cover some FARMS out of Hidden Springs! The incredible view from one of them. :)
Characterizes this tri-companionship PERFECTLY. Mysterious. And way too much fun. 

Louis with all of his Sisters! 
Louis with Ken and Emily Zundel - the couple that introduced him to the church. :)
Louis and his daughter, Emily. :)
Sister CAPITAN! Aka the NEPHITE and the LAMANITE.
Sister Capitan trying out the U of U gear. Yes, she's a big fan. Yes, we're making this work between us. ;) We were at the Weights. Cody Weight played for U of U. Amazing family. 

Week 44: "You're a Wizard, Harry. Part 2"

September 22, 2014
Dear Family,

Well, the great reveal is now over. Sister McClellan has been transferred to Meridian! What? Nooo! But, no fear -for Sister Capitan is now here! She's a ball of red-headed wildfire fun. She's originally from a Navajo reservation in Arizona! I'm so excited to learn about her culture.  We'll definitely have adventures together. 

In other news, Louis's baptism date is this Saturday! At 3pm. Women's Conference and a Baptism all in the same day? I don't think anything could get missionary better. 

And funny story, Sister Willard (my MTC companion) is now my Sister Training Leader! That means we'll get to go on exchanges together! Sweet! I don't know if that should be legal. We'll have too much fun. An Elder made fun of me today at transfer meeting. He called me out for having to say hello and goodbye to "every missionary in the building." Well, not all 70 that were there, but I did get to see many of my good friends! 

AND I had a couple incredible experiences this week! Sometimes Elders and Sisters mention lessons that changed their mission. Well, until this point I have only had one - and that was my first lesson with Angie! And she was baptized with her daughter on Saturday! And her grandma (I call her Grams) is being baptized in two weeks! It was like a flood of happiness! She asked me to sing. I had one song picked out for Sacrament meeting for singing in my ward, but on Thursday as we practiced I felt like I should sing "Come Thou Fount" instead. It ended up being perfect! Wow, I couldn't believe that they were being baptized! It still seems surreal to me, but so so special. It was also very special to see many from my old ward family. :) 

I also had another very cool experience. Sister McClellan and I intended on going to mutual with a girl, but she cancelled on us, and so we had a couple of hours to re-plan and improvise! Well, improvising is my favorite - because that's when miracles happen. Sometimes I don't believe in coincidence. A name came to mind of a woman whom I had never met, that had semi taken some lessons with the Sisters before me. She's from the Congo and her first language is French, but she speaks some English. When we got there, her other friend from the Congo, Dennis, was there. As we sat down, Dennis requested that he say goodbye to her before he left. We agreed, and he began speaking to her in French. We could pick out some words - particularly a version of "Mormon". Turns out he was a member! We don't know what he said or where he's from, but it seemed like he bore his testimony to her. Pretty amazing to experience. Well, we scheduled a lesson for that Saturday, and came with Brother Taylor, a member from our ward who speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. He truly has the gift of tongues. We had a crazy morning that morning - service on a Hidden Springs community farm, attempting to give blood at a boy's blood drive for his Eagle Scout award, (we both failed - I had too low of an iron count, and Sister McClellan's vein clogged. But we tried!) and then transfer calls. Finally, we got to plan some for the lesson - we wanted to talk about the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, we met with Brother Taylor and went to teach. It was amazing to feel the Spirit there - it was so apparent in the room! We ended up teaching her about the Book of Mormon - and it was amazing how much we understood what Brother Taylor was talking about in French, and we felt prompted to testify of those things he was teaching about, even though we didn't know the words he was saying! We were able to say very similar things to what Brother Taylor was saying in French, and we told her we how we knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was amazing. She's truly going to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon now. I can't wait to go back. 

I also had the chance to sing in Hidden Springs Ward! Our Bishop's son is leaving to go to the Dominican Republic, and so it was his mission farewell. No pressure, right? Eeh. But it went well. I sang what now is my favorite version of "I Stand All Amazed." It's from a fireside presentation called, "I Know He Lives." You should look it up. 

Te Quiero Mucho! 

- Sister Bennett
P.s. Pictures to come! 

"Edward Cullen's House." We dub it such because 1) Glass garage doors. and 2) The Volvo
Mansion #1

Mansion #2

Anne's baptism!!


Exchanges with Sister Hatch! 

Elder Pearce has left us. :( I'm so lucky to have had him as a Zone leader! He's 27 - a convert to the church. He bore the most powerful testimony before leaving. The IBM is going to miss him for sure.
Giving blood! So scurred. 

Bishop and Sister Lister selfie!

Angie and Cora. :)

All us Sisters who taught them! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 43: "Last Week of the Transfer??!"

September 15, 2014
Hey guys, 

This upcoming week is the last week of the transfer?! What? This transfer has FLOWN by! I can't believe it. 
Sister McClellan has been in the area for six months, so she most likely will be transferred. Which is sad. I wanted to stay more than one transfer with her. Six weeks is too short of time when you're having fun!

Ok, so for the best news of the entire week. Louis is getting BAPTIZED! First he came to our Book of Mormon class on 2nd Nephi 3-5 (Chapter 4 is my all time favorite). Then, we had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and the Sacrament. We ended up talking about his spiritual goals, and somehow I shared about the movie, "Ephraim's Rescue" and how my favorite part is when Brigham calls men to go rescue the late handcart companies who were stuck in horrible weather conditions. Some men stood up and said, "my wagon will be ready on the weekend," or "I'll be ready by tomorrow." Ephraim stands up and says, "I'm ready now."

Well, Louis then said something along the lines of he feels like his progress won't move forward until he takes that step of faith he knows he wants to, and he said, "I'm ready now." So he'll be baptized in a week and a half! That was pretty incredible, but what's more incredible is that Louis recognizes the blessings that have come into his life by learning and living the Gospel, and he wants even more of those blessings to come into his life.

AND second news that ties for the best - ANGIE from my last area is getting baptized this week! Sometimes I feel like my happiness is like a bucket, and when it overflows I don't know what to do with it. Hopefully share it with others.

I have no idea what will come with transfers, but hopefully all will be well.
In terms of finding, we talked to a Jewish lady who has many LDS people whom she loves. She was so excited when we knocked on her door! She exclaimed, "I know you guys!" She talked with us on the doorstep for a good while. She says she gets defensive when people say negative or derogatory things about our faith. She wants to sit down with us so she can actually come to an understanding of what we believe, and she also wants to learn about our missionary program. :) I think that is so cool! We want to learn about her faith - she's heavily involved in her branch of Judaism.

Other than that, it was a slower week. (Other than walking - we've been walking a LOT which is good - however my feet aren't too happy about it. But they can take it.)

I am excited for General Conference. I'm so grateful for living prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ that give us council and direction in the world today. They are great examples of faith. I'm grateful for the leadership in this church. Yesterday with Louis we watched President Monson's talk on courage from last April's General Conference. That was inspiring.

Remember! I love you! Thank you for all of your shining examples for me.

Sister Bennett