Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 48: "Macintosh Toffee"

October 20, 2014
Dear Everyone,

Emailing seems to last shorter and shorter spans of time! I apologized if I haven't had the chance to individually reply to everybody - I've wanted to, but I'm afraid that would take all P-Day, and I might not have a happy companion if that was the case. :)

First thing's first!! I JUST got a phone call from Sister Martel - a lady I met 10 MONTHS ago! She remembered me, because well, we're both CANADIAN! I got a call - and she said she went to Canada, and picked me up MACINTOSH TOFFEE! I've had people offer to pick me up Canadian treats etc, but they couldn't find that one, and now someone who didn't even know I love it bought it for me! I'm so happy. I didn't get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving at all, but this makes up for it. 

We've had just an incredible week. I think a start to it was going on exchanges back to my GREENIE area! It was surreal! It started out with doing service for Sister Himle, who I used to exercise with every morning a year ago! Then, we were able to have some great teaching appointments with new people the Sisters are working with in that area. Then we happened to run into CHARLIE Wilson (who was baptized a couple months ago!) with the kids - Ella, "Puppy", and Abby in tow, walking home from School. I loved seeing them. It's hard not giving certain people hugs. (If you know me, hugs = my life. How I've survived as a missionary and not hugging men, I know not.) We then had dinner with the WAITES, and I got to see Kaity again! (Kaity LOVES Canada - she went to Canada and brought me home precious gifts once upon a time.) And it's not over, I then got to go see my "Mom" Joyce Sundquist! It was such a blessing to be able to reconnect with all those people. They all look great. 

We also saw two miracles on Friday and Saturday. Well, it started off as a setback. We spend about half an hour biking up a hill, searching for an address that continually is a mystery to us. As we biked down such hill, Sister Capitan ZOOMS past me. And suddenly I hear a scream. SISTER BENNETT MY BRAKE BROKE, MY BRAKE BROKE! SISTER BENNNEETTTT!!! She disappeared down the hill, past a common road at the bottom of the hill. It was SO funny to hear her, and yet I was simultaneously terrified that she had crashed....When I found her she was on the ground, laughing. SHE SURVIVED. Her brake did break though! She managed to swerve to the side and forcible crash land. Well, that was a setback in time. We went to our Ward Mission Leaders, delivered the bike, and drove to our dinner, at the RIRIE's, who are related to us through James Boyack Ririe! Cool. We had a great visit with them. Sister Capitan told them about how before she came to the chuch she had 10 pt gages in her ears, she wanted to be a tattoo artist (now she does Henna instead), and she had snakebite piercings! It's so cool being with a convert. :) (Even if she was baptized at 10, we still consider her one.) She said one of her hangups to going to church was that she thought she would be judged, but she said that wasn't the case at all. I love to hear that.

Since we were in a car, we drove different routes, and we happened to drive past a referral we've been trying to contact for 2 months. I knew we needed to stop and try. We knocked...and she was home! And let us in, and we ended up teaching her about the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. She's a new investigator! It was an amazing visit, and I know it wasn't an accident we were there at that time. :) She's going to start coming to our Book of Mormon class.

On Saturday, we asked a French Speaking Bishop (of the 13th ward) to go and visit Sakina with us. Well, Sakina wasn't home (even though we had set an appointment), so we tried the Malubeki's. It was bad timing for them, so we decided to try a former investigator. We tried the Bisokas. I wanted to see where they were at, and what they had thought of the past teachings of the missionaries. It was a miracle visit! Yvette was incredibly receptive, and it was amazing to see the realizations she had that we believe that God still speaks and reveals things to us today. We need it in this crazy world, don't we? Bishop Sturgill taught about Prophets, the Bible, Joseph Smith, and the restoration. The Spirit was incredibly strong. I can only compare it to a feeling of tangible love permeating the room, almost like you could reach out and grab it. Before I was told that the Bisoka's didn't want to hear anything from the Book of Mormon, but now she sincerely wants to read it. :) We're going to bring her a French Book of Mormon, and mark "highlights" in it to read. I'm so grateful. 

I could go on, but I think pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll try to send a few. :) I love you all! It's been an amazing week!

<3 Sister Bennett

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