Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 46: "I Love General Conference :)"

October 6, 2014

Well, I have so much to say, and not very much time. So I'm afraid you're going to get a direct point form one  from me! 

1. I love General Conference. :) Was that not inspiring? I always leave Conference weekend feeling light and inspired. It's especially meaningful as I'm spending this time serving the Lord. I couldn't say enough about it and the talks that I enjoyed, but two that stood out to me in the Saturday Sessions were Elder Robbins and Elder Oaks, and Sunday's were Elder Godoy's, and Elder Bednar's. 

2. We watched conference with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, and Chuck! It was really cool. Also, it was really cool that they made us breakfast. (Have I ever mentioned that it's my favorite meal of the day, and I'll have breakfast for dinner anytime?) 

3. We started riding BIKES!! It's exhilarating! No more walking all day and getting no-where, or driving all day and feeling gross because we haven't gotten exercise! Our Ward Mission Leader was so kind in getting everything ready, and he even bought helmets for us. Unbelievable. It's been about 6 good years since I've been on a good bike ride, and I had to re-learn how to ride one with a skirt and a bag. Let's just say before long I put on a longer skirt, and lightened my load a bit. Good thing you can't forget how to ride a bike.   

4. I've had no money for groceries the last two weeks, due to a few expenses I've had in the past month. We thought we were going to get money on our card last Monday, but, alas, to no avail. SO last Monday I spent my remaining dollerage on a loaf of bread and a bag of spinach. We also hadn't had any dinners scheduled last week. But this just goes to show that the Lord provides. :) We had a stranger-member from Oregon give us $20 on our way to Wendy's, getting food from the dollar menu. We ended up saving that for the next day going out to eat at Cafe Rio (since it's two meals in one basically - there's so much!) and when we went to Cafe Rio the next day we got to the till and it was paid for! We also were given more leftovers than I've ever received on my mission. My testimony has grown in that I know the Lord provides! 

5. I felt the most sacred Spirit in a home. Yesterday Sister Capitan and I were invited into a home of a less active couple, the husband of which has terminal cancer. We could tell it wasn't easy, and isn't easy at all in all aspects. I hope we were able to offer comfort with our thoughts, and love. I sang "Abide with Me." to him. It was one of the strongest feelings of love and peace I have ever experienced, and I knew the Spirit of the Lord was there. I'm so grateful for that experience. I cannot deny that God exists, not after having those experiences. I know there is a life afterwards, and that it offers incredible peace.

I love you, and hope you have a great week!

<3 Sister Bennett

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