Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 49: "Master has given Dobby a Sock! Dobby is free!"

Dear everyone!

This one is going to be fast! I think the computers here are slow, so we don't have as much time as I've had elsewhere to email. That's why I'm always RUSHED but that's alright! All is well!

Alright. This is my week.

Monday- It started off AWESOME! For P-Day we went and painted at the Bonsacks. They aren't members of the church, but they are super spiritual and nice to missionaries, and they are examples to me of Christlike living. :) Debbie is a professional studio artist, and so we joined with her for a few hours to do art! I'll show you my finished product next week. It was awesome. :)

Tuesday- another great day! We had dinner at the MacTaggarts, a great couple with three young, very energetic kids. In fact, before I knew it the two boys had duct tape, and were taping me up. I somehow managed to share a message despite my physical limitations though! I tried to be like Nephi and have the faith to break my bonds, but negative. It didn't happen.

Wednesday- we went on SPLITS with Mary and Nancy, two adventurous, two-peas-in-a-pod single lady ward missionaries. To illustrate how adventurous they are, in their sixties they often like to do things such as a) Whitewater rafting b) exploring, and c) fly hot air balloons. They are just a bundle of FUN. :) I went with Nancy, who reminds me a lot of my Aunt Mary, and so naturally we bonded pretty well. :) We rode BIKES and made a great visit.

Thursday- had an appointment, and during realized my stomach was not feeling well AT ALL. So we went home...RIP

Friday- Sick. What a struggle. My companion called me Dobby. She's full of nice compliments for me. We spend some time watching Church movies...My companion made Navajo tacos for the district though! I didn't get to try them though. :( 

Saturday- Sick. Again. The worst trial as a missionary is not rejection. Nope, it's those times when you can't go out and do the work. I felt so...blah. Well, it's more motivation to work even harder when we're better, right?

Sunday- I was feeling almost better!! And companion got sick. :( I think we've almost died of cabin fever at this point! But on the bright side I read over 100 pages of Jesus the Christ. That book is absolutely incredible. It's like I can picture being there, in that time, where our Savior walked and taught. It makes things so clear. I love Jesus Christ, and I cannot deny my testimony of Him. :) All I want to do is read now!

That's the week! I cannot believe this transfer is over already. It's FLOWN by!

Love, your favorite Canadian, rose-from-the-dead, apparently a house-elf, Sister Missionary,
Sister Bennett

All the glory of Sheila Doherty's home. She has Aslan. 
Hidden Springs - the mysteries are being revealed. This is the BONSACKS. We did art with them last Monday. :)  She has a huge studio on the 3rd floor! It was an artists heaven. :) And yes, their yellow house with the purple door is complete with a matching birdhouse. 
Hidden Springs. We were out walking one day.
They go ALL out. Hardcore for Halloween. This is just scratching the surface.
We've been told the cat has no rules. Luckily we ate all the bread before this happened...Yet again, a reason why I love cats. 
Sister MARTEL! She's the one who lived and Calgary and brought me Macintosh's Toffee! 
This happened...It's blurry because that's how fast those boys are.

Grams Baptism! Pictures of Grams, Cora and Angie - who all were baptized in the past month and a half. :)

Kaity!! I got to go home to my old greenie area and I saw a few familiar faces. :)
Missionary swag

Another view of the Halloween House. Glorious.

That was scary. That dog didn't like us. And it bit our shoes, but then it was nice enough. But we were so scared. :P

JACK! I love you Jack! 
Tied up. And hostage to Sister Capitan's commands. (She's a UofU fan. I'll never hear the end of it.)

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