Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 23: "A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life..."

Dear my gregarious family and friends, 

Hello once again! It's your friendly neighborhood missionary Sister Bennett!

Speaking of friendly neighborhoods, I first want to express how I feel blessed to be here in Boise. I can come back anytime I want to visit! I already plan to. Some people I've met here feel like family to me. 

We started this week off right - by climbing a mountain!! It was exhilarating. I'll include pictures soon. Boise is now green and quite beautiful I must say. 

However, this week has also been ridden with its own particular trials. Sister Roundy hurt her knee on April 1st. As she describes it, she bent down to pick up a letter, and it popped out and back in. I may or may not have mentioned that a month ago. We got her to a hospital that day, and they gave her a brace for it. We rested, elevated, iced for a few days.

Of course though, missionary work involves a lot of movement, especially if we are knocking on doors. Well, the past few days Sister Roundy's knee has really been bothering her, to the point where it's been as bad as it was the day of the injury. So that has slowed down our pace exceedingly. We're going to get it checked out asap. Hopefully she'll be ok. 

We've seen tender mercies though! Our new investigator came to our sacrament meeting, and really enjoyed it. Another two of our investigators committed to baptism next month! I've been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with these people. Oh, and probably the biggest miracle this week was that the daughter of one of our investigators agreed to take the lessons! Patsy has talked to us often about how much she loves her daughter and grandchildren, and how she wants them to understand the faith she has found in Jesus Christ, which is so important now to her. It was a miracle that we got to even talk to her daughter, much less agree to help her understand more of what her mother believes. I'm excited for the opportunity! 

Yesterday we were EXTREMELY involved in our church service. We both gave talks (have I mentioned I'm coming to enjoy speaking more and more?), we sang in the choir, and we taught Young Women's! Everything went really well. Bishop gave me a hard time though. After my talk, he turned to Sister Roundy and said, "that was a good talk you wrote for your companion." :) In my talk, I told the story of Andrew Watson (my ancestor) who trekked across the plains through the Winter in the Willie Handcart company. I've been pretty inspired by my ancestors lately - their example, their willingness to sacrifice and stand up for their family and for their faith. I'm lucky to have such a rich heritage. 

More and more, especially as I have prepared my talk (on Charity), my thoughts have been turned to my Savior, Jesus Christ. This week I have been studying the 3rd Nephi chapters in the Book of Mormon where Christ visits the people in the Americas. To me, these are the most important chapters in the Book of Mormon. What an incredible testimony that the Savior lives, and that he is the Son of a living, loving, and eternal Heavenly Father. To me, having that account means everything. It is a further witness that Jesus Christ lives. It is a beautiful compliment to the Bible. It means that God is aware of all of his children. It means that he loves me. I know that, and I cannot deny the peace that has come through Him. Words can't quite express how I feel. 

Well, that's all folks. Sister Bennett signing out. Peace and love.

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