Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 24: "Quack Quack"

Dear Family and Friends,

I hereby dub this email as "Quack Quack" in honor of Sister Roundy. She does a daffy duck impression extremely well, and I get to hear it rather often. She's adorable. She just laughed at me. 

We checked out her knee at an Orthopedic office today. It's gonna be another week, folks, till we get everything figured out. They need to do an MRI on it. Until then, press forward! 

Fun moments of this week: 1) We continue to work with our investigators, and we get to work with some fun, spunky individuals. We started off slowly in this area, but it seems that within the last couple weeks our work with investigators has multiplied! We are really seeing some of our investigators progress. And in terms of finding, we seem to be consistently adding to our investigator pool! We even got a Turkish copy of the Book of Mormon that we gave out to a family we met in an apartment complex in our ward. 2) We go into Heritage (an assisted living facility) often to work with people there. Well, there are a couple older gentleman that like to sit on a bench outside, that enjoy saying hi to us. Well, yesterday I decided to get to know them better. Their names are Richard and Stan. As we went to leave, Richard called out, "One more thing! Did it hurt when you fell?" I was puzzled. I fell? When? I would. That's embarrassing. Then I asked him, "When did I fall?" And he replied, "When you fell from Heaven." Ha! 3) I don't wear many really girly colors. We're talking bright purples, pinks, teals etc. I just tend to shy away from those, and wear darker or earth tone colors. Well, I was given a dress that includes all those forbidden colors, and I received more compliments on it in a day than on any other outfit on my mission. Oh dear. Does this mean I need to be more girly?

I really love studying the New Testament! I'm particularly impressed by the ministry of Paul as accounted for in Acts. Now he was one bold missionary, and an incredible example of a Disciple of Jesus Christ. One day I'm going to be well-versed in all books of scripture. I've loved the opportunity to really study the scriptures in-depth here on the mission. 

Heavenly Father has helped me grow so much. I think that oftentimes in my life lacking confidence has been merely due to a mental block rather than my lack of ability. I've seen that time and time again. But I know that as I've followed what I know the Spirit wants me to do, and also as I've sought to fulfill duties within the church, Heavenly Father has helped me move past those mental blocks. That has significantly helped me in all areas of my life. I guess Heavenly Father likes to in a sense throw me into deep water, just to help me discover that I already know how to swim, and that if I want, I can get even better at swimming. :) I've found as I've followed what he wants me to do, I've grown so much more than if I was on my own. 

Well, you know the drill. I love you, good luck, remember who you are and what you stand for, and all that stuff. xoxox. ;)
But seriously. I love you.
Sister Bennett.

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