Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 25: "Surreal Deal"

Dear those that mean the most!

Well, it was pretty crazy for me to see a lot of your bright, beautiful, smiling faces yesterday! It was like glimpsing into another life. But honestly, it was good to talk to you! I feel like I had everything, yet nothing to say. I apologize for my missionary awkwardness. :D 

To those who I didn't see: I hope all is well, and I love you! 

I'm looking forward to today. There are a few people on the mission that truly feel like family, and we get to spend time with a few of those people today! I have a few "Sisters" out here. Even though they have families of their own, and even kids around my age, I'm used to my siblings being 10 or more years older than me, so we call each other sisters. :) We are having a Zone party to celebrate the end of the transfer at a members house, who essentially has a playground in their backyard - forts, swings, volleyball courts, trains...and there are going to be crepes. And bacon. And excellent company. I'm excited. 

Things have really been progressing in Bel-Air. We're getting more and more teaching appointments! A busy missionary is a happy missionary. This morning we got an MRI for Sister Roundy's knee, so hopefully we'll find out results soon. 

I wish I had crazy stories for you, but I'm afraid there is a lack of poisonous snakes, wild animals, dangerous geography, or other such things in Boise. I've had a few dogs bark at me? I'm in mortal peril of being fed too many desserts? I hopped over a fence once because I thought we were locked out of our house? That's about as exciting as it gets. 

Once again, Happy Mothers Day! Couldn't have done it without all the wonderful mother figures in my life. :)

Sister Bennett

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