Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 36: "2 Corinthians 12: 9-10"

July 28, 2014
Dear Everybody!

Well, another week has passed and gone here in Boise Idaho. We continue to do the work, slowly but surely. And life is good. 

Angie seems pretty set in her decision to be baptized, which is incredible! She always makes remarks such as she gets a "warm feeling" or a "feeling of family" when we're there. She's starting to recognize the Spirit more often! This week her and Char have set the goal to give up coffee. They got rid of their coffee machines, and other than the headaches they are battling from withdrawal they are doing great! They really want this. I have so much admiration for ANYONE who gives up any type of habit or addiction, no matter what it may be, or how hard it may be to let go of. If I can help anyone overcome an addiction - of any degree -  that is incredibly worthwhile to me. I know how worth it is to feel free, and not dependent on any substance or habit. It's one of the best feelings in the world. 

We've also had the opportunity to help a non-member lady with her charity yard sale! Her goal is to raise enough money to buy 700 foster kids backpacks and supplies for school. I think that's a pretty good cause to help with. :) We've been collecting items for her sale, and even talked to someone who was having a garage sale to donate her unsold items to it! Cool. 

I love when people ask us good questions. I've been reflecting a lot lately, and it seems as though most of my knowledge has come when I've had a sincere question and desire to find the answer. This is true in any area of life. I love searching for, and finding those answers. Sincere questions are good.

Speaking of good questions, I ran into a great Mormon message in terms of questions regarding science and religion - and how the two can go hand in hand. It's called "We Lived With God." :) 

AND....the highlight of my week! A man in my first area, Charlie Wilson was baptized!!! He's been taking the lessons for 6 years! Amazing. Honestly, I love his family so much. They had the craziest experiences to share. They were a family that were particularly hard for me to leave when I left Boise South. But they are doing great! I promised I would come back and visit them after my mission.

I saw Sister Allen, and my very own adopted mother Sister Sundquist at the baptism! I think I gave everyone I've missed at least 5 hugs each. It was a good night. I just may have shed a couple tears. :P (But only two. I kept track.) 


-Sister Bennett. ;) 

Sista's got pranked.

Patsy's baptism!

My fiery Tongan companion. :)
Just me.

Ellen, Mr. Suit of Armor, Sister F & B! 

Lock your hearts. ;) Or have none, like Mr. Suit of armor. 

You can't notice here, but this dog is EXACTLY the same as Fang from Harry Potter. :) Seriously, this is the Harry Potter house. What you don't see in the pictures is the firebolt above the door, a monster book of monsters, trick portraits, and more. 

Walking into Tim Burton's Wonderland


All the missionaries within the past year. 

You know.

Us, Bishop Bates (THE Bishop Bates haha) and Charlie! 

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