Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 41: "BLACK WIDOW"

September 1, 2014
Dear All,

I don't have much time this PDAY...We get to go to the Boise Zoo today!! I'll send lots of pictures next week. Yes.
Yes, we were plagued by the GIANT MOTHER of all Black Widows. It was on our garbage can. She was nefarious. We live with an 80 year old woman who is the one who moves the outdoor garbage back and forth. Yes, I'm in shock that she is still alive. Anyways, we asked the Elders to kill it since their area is where I live, but....they were too afraid. So, I took a big stick, wound up, and hit it as hard as I could. And it still lived! But after much effort, it was utterly defeated. 

Who knew I'd have to deal with poisonous crawling fiends in Boise Idaho?

We went tracting this week, in Rolling Hills (out in the middle of nowhere, in the midst of beautiful houses and rolling desert hill scenery.) We ran into a couple people who wanted to chat! Haha, one man saw us, and immediately called out, come in!! Too bad we couldn't - there wasn't a third female. People who talked to us were mostly interested in missionary lifestyle. Other than that, other people are nice, but totally close off when we talk about the gospel. So many people have heard so many things about the church from sources, good or bad. I wish people would just come to know for themselves what we believe, rather than relying on others. But it's not my choice, it's theirs, and that's ok. :) It was a fun day. But seriously, it was so fun! Especially when the first thing you see when the door opens is a Great Dane.

Working hard brings blessings! Let me tell you, this area is the IDEAL of all missionaries. It is missionary Zion. Why? Because the members are pumped. They are 100% on track missionary minded, and I LOVE it. We get an average of 3 un-asked for referrals per week, and that is incredible. I think I got 6 of those in the space of 3 months in my last area.

Yesterday there was an awkward moment. We visited a less active, whose boyfriend was there. When I introduced myself, 'Sister Bennett from Canada' was what was in my mind, and "Sister Canada" is what came out. Gloriously embarrassing. Yup, I can't get more awkward sometimes.

Sister Mac (my nickname for her) LOVES walking! Which is awesome, because I love walking too! But we decided to go on a small hike to find a house, I think it took an hour total. Ha, adventures. I think we get along so well because we've both come from large families. We're chill. Honestly, I feel so MYSELF with her. Oh, it's fun. ;)
We found two potential investigators from referrals! We have appointments with them this week. :)

Sister Mac told me that she doesn't think she's met anyone that loves cats as much as I do. I can name some people - but I took it as a compliment. :)

Have I told y'all that we teach a Book of Mormon class? It is so much fun! It's small, but we hope that the numbers will grow.

Teenagers are punks. We walked past a couple that asked if we wanted to buy drugs. Ha, at least they know our standards enough to make fun of them. They could be more creative though.

Oh! This week we went out with our 80 year old tech savvy, plane-flying investigator Chuck...to Chuck-a-rama! He loves that place. He flies as a hobby, and was showing off some videos and pictures of his flying gadgets. So cool! He's leaving to Germany this week.

AND the highlight of the week. One of our investigators, Louis, is every missionaries dream when it comes to teaching. He is one of the most sincere people I've ever met. Last night he sent us a text, telling us thank you for volunteering to serve our missions, complimenting us, and telling us that he is proud knowing we are part of his journey and testimony. Let me tell you, that couldn't have come at a  better time for me. It meant so much. He is going to the Ogden Temple open house and Temple Square in Salt Lake for fun today. :)

I love being out here serving this mission. I know this Gospel blesses lives. Being out here has blessed mine so much. Best year and a half, that's for sure.

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

-Sister Bennett

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