Tuesday, September 9, 2014


September 9, 2014
Dear Family, and those who feel like family,

First off, TRUE BLUE!! Atta be BYU for beating Texas!! :D I was so happy to hear that! Cheer loud and strong for me! On Sunday our Relief Society teacher called BYU fans something along the lines of "freaky" and I was all like, "hey!" Everyone laughed. 

I had a few incredible experiences this past week and day.

First off, on Thursday we had dinner with the Arnolds in Hidden Springs. Now, if that doesn't ring a bell (Dad) think Coach Arnold. And if that doesn't ring a bell, think Danny Ainge, one of the most well-known BYU point guards in history. :) Yup, the head coach of Danny Ainge was in my ward, and we got to share a lovely meal with him and his wife!! I talked to them about how my Dad is the biggest BYU fan in the world, and how my parents basically named one of their children after Danny Ainge (even though I know you won't quite admit to that. :P) They told us some cool experiences they had at BYU. It was so cool. They moved back to Utah this weekend. 

We had the chance to attend two baptisms this Saturday! The first was a 10 year old girl, Skylar, who we've been teaching in our ward. The second was a 78 year old woman in my first area, Anne Johns! It was amazing to see her baptized. I never thought it would be able to happen. It amazing how the people choosing to be baptized couldn't be more different, and yet the Spirit and covenants made were exactly the same. I am so grateful I had a chance to play even the smallest part in those decisions. 

On our way to Anne's baptism, we got lost downtown. We almost didn't go, because we were going to be late, but I'm glad we did. As we were stuck in traffic, suddenly Sister McClellan piped up, "I know why the traffics so crazy right now!" and we both said unanimously, "BOISE STATE GAME!" Yup, we were blocked off by a sea of orange and blue. 

One thing I love about Sister Mac (that's what I call her) is her "twitter". It's a notebook that she'll put quotes, or funny moments that happened to us. She likes to write down random things I say. Of course, she hash-tags almost all of them. 

We had P-Day today since we had the chance to attend the temple! What a serene place. I am so grateful for every opportunity we get to go, since they are few and far between as a missionary, considering we have a temple so close to us. We've had the BEST P-Days this transfer. It really is like a fresh start when you're doing something different every P-Day. 

The weather here is gorgeous! I have to say, it's still been in the 80's-90's. Glorious. 

Also, I love being inviting to sing musical numbers by the way of the grape-vine. We dropped by one of our Bishop's homes to visit with him and his family briefly. When we got in, Sister Hansen said, "I hear you're singing at our son's mission farewell on the 21st!" "Oh! ...Yes I am!" I had never heard of it, until then! But I won't turn down any opportunity to serve in that way. In fact, in Relief Society I sat down, when our Relief Society President asked me, "Which songs are you playing on the piano for us today?" Uhhh. Well, I played two of the five songs that I actually know. Thank goodness I learned those before my mission, but I wish I knew how to play piano better! One day. 

One of the coolest things we are doing is teaching two teenagers, one is sixteen and her sister is eighteen. Their mom was baptized in 2011, and she is amazing! I've found that I LOVE working with youth, probably more than anything. It's so much fun, and it is definitely rewarding. We had a lesson with them last night on faith. It was so fun to just have a discussion about it with a newly married couple in our ward. 

One experience I like to share about growing faith is about my last semester at BYU. I remember at the beginning of the semester I was reflecting on how stressful my past semester had been, and how I was not managing time or building friendships or having fun like I wanted to. Well, I went to a very good friend at the beginning of the semester, and we talked about it. He told me he could help me schedule out my time, but he wasn't going to do that. He simply gave me the advice to truly search and study the scriptures, and especially the Book of Mormon, every day. He promised me that if I put my time in for the Lord, the Lord would help me with the rest. Well, I took that to heart. It's amazing how, as I diligently studied that semester, I was able to get a 4.0 average, I was able to make some of the best friendships I've ever had, and I started a period in my life of being happier than I've ever been. There has been a notable, tangible difference in my life since that time. Ether 12:6 - we receive no witness until AFTER the trial of our faith. The Lord doesn't work the way the world works. :) I am so grateful for this gospel in my life. I'm grateful for the small and simple things I can do each day that make me happier. 

I love you!! Keep track of the miracles and blessings in your life! There are so many. 

Sister Rachel Bennett
Hebrews 11:1,6. 

P.p.s. MANY pictures to come. 

We went to the zoo with CASSI! She happens to be one of my favorite people on planet earth. She's a recent convert in our ward.  

Pre-Zoo Shenanigans
Sister Frances is actually the coolest.

My favorite creature at the zoo.

 We had to say goodbye to Chuck!! He's off to Germany for a month! 80 years old and heading off to Germany for fun to be with friends. As Sister McClellan would say, "What a Baller." 

The original district! Reunited.

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