Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 72: "Happy Easter!"

April 6, 2015
Dear Family,

Sorry for the generic email title, I'm a little crunched for time right now! But know that I've had an amazing week. It was Sister Zelaya's last week, and she's been pushing hard. And that's been the best thing, but man I've been tired! We've shared "Because He Lives" with everyone. Everyone! We were waiting for a member to come with us to a lesson yesterday, and we saw some of her neighbors outside. We basically ran out of our car so we would have time to talk to them!

Conference was amazing. I felt right at home watching it with families that I know and love!

I am so sad to see Sister Zelaya go. I feel like I've learned so much about missionary work from her, and she's been so strong at enduring to the end! She's a killer missionary, and I know she'll continue on to do great things! 
For a week I'll be "floating" with a companionship, working in 2 areas. Then I'll settle down when transfer calls come in a week and a half, and get my...last companion. Sick!

Easter was so fun. I didn't think we'd have the chance to color eggs, but then we did! We got fed altogether much too much desert and food.

We've been making a lot of visits, saying a lot of goodbyes.

I love you! And hey, if you have questions that you would like to answer, I'd love that. :) Apparently us missionaries get less and less creative with emails as the time goes by. Take care!

Sister Bennett

EASTER OVERLOAD! (Warning: Lots of Pictures)

 THE MASTER SWORD AND HYLIAN SHIELD! I think the pictures capture my feelings...

A VINTAGE Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set. 

She's the Burger Baron.

Selfies while bowling.

Kris! We help him with his yard work. He's awesome, and here he's holding his "baby." Yes, it flies. 

This is the beautiful Sister MANESS on her 24th birthday!! She's amazing!

Saying goodbye to SHIGE, this wonderful Japanese lady we ran into who reads the Book of Mormon every night. Ten versus in Japanese, and then ten verses in English. 

The Elkins. Characterizes them perfectly. 

The Pistons! Characterizes them perfectly too!

HEATHER!! I love Heather so much! Both Sister Zelaya and I are close to her from being in Boise, so this weekend she took us out to Red Robin. Her son is Christian. He's a fun kid. :)

The Cary's. One of my favorite couples. 

Sometimes this happens........
Cornelius!! I won him in a 25c machine claw thing. 

David Crawford! We had to stop by and have Sister Zelaya say goodbye...

The Tolmans! One of my favorite families. Don't tell. ;) 
MY PRIZE egg. I painted one this year. I was happy with it. 

Sister Z and I went on an egg hunt. 

Sister Zelaya had NEVER before painted an egg! Here's her second egg-baby! 
We spent Easter with the Lloyds. LOVE THEM.

Eggie x 3! 

 Saying goodbye to the Siquerios family. 

This was incredible. 
This morning we had breakfast with the Sharps. While there, Sister Sharp's mom and Dad joined. Her Dad told us an incredible story of him serving a mission in the 1850's to Kansas. Through some amazing experiences, he found and acquired a 1st Edition Book of Mormon. It was printed in 1830, and it's probably the most valuable item i've ever held in my hands. It was so incredible to see, hear, and read from it's pages. I absolutely love church history, especially since I feel ties back to my ancestors who lived in those days. 

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