Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 73: "Triceratops"

April 13, 2015
Hey there! 

So this week has been one of a kind. It feels like it's been two weeks.

First off, I want to explain a sort of phenomenon. It's called the mission-time-complex. In this vortex like theory, a missionary begins his experience by noticing a difference in how time passes. The weeks go by like days, and the days go by like weeks. Slow days, fast weeks.

However, an alteration begins to show when a missionary is trying to make her time seem like it's longer than it actually is. The days speed up into sonic mode, and suddenly the whole week turns into hyper-mode, and before you know it every day is over. 

Now that I got that off my belt, I'll let you know about my week. Because I love you! 

This Tuesday I was singing, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again," because I had to say goodbye to my dear Sister Zelaya. It was a crazy experience dropping her off at the mission office. We of course visited all her good friends in the ward that we've been working with, and had a ward dinner that night. Impromptu I got asked to sing a hymn solo for the ward, and so I chose Sister Zelaya's favorite, "I Believe In Christ." It was a special moment, and my way of saying goodbye.

She served an incredible mission! She goes back to school 10 days after she gets home. She's a go-getter. 

That was when I was passed on to the care of Sister Palmer (Iowa, 9 months), and Sister Curatolo (Philadelphia, 5 weeks). THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN! They moved in with me, and gurl, let me tell you. We're having a blast. Sister Palmer is really funny, and genuine. Sister Curatolo is my personality twin. Theatrical, musical, animated. I don't know what President was thinking when he put us three together. These two Sisters are great missionaries too! We've been covering both our areas, and it's been crazy. We've done a good job balancing I think.

Wednesday was a Sisters Training Meeting. What kind of things do you learn at such meetings? I'll let you know. 1) Sisters are emotional. 2) How to take care of your skin. 3) What NOT to do with your hair ex) Use Pantene products 4) Avoid Sarcasm 5) Some sisters are addicted to shopping 6) Effective Companionship study 7) Working in Unity

It was also very spiritual, of course.

Wednesday I also got the news that my PASSPORT is here! I am officially legal to fly now!

Thursday began the busy-ness. I've set up splits like CRAZY. I only had an hour set up Thursday night, but on Friday I ended up going on splits from 2-8. It was a great experience. Most of the members I took out have never been out with missionaries before. Most of them also were disappointed that I only took them out for an hour. I was amazed by their eagerness to serve and to share! One lady I went with, a thirty year old single awesome gal, was talking with everyone! It was fantastic.

I was definitely tired by the end of the day.

Saturday we had an appointment in the morning in the other Sister's area, in which they set a baptismal date for a lady, and she's so excited to get baptized! Yesterday in church she was telling EVERYONE. 

My Sisters are such great teachers. They are so clear, simple, and relate everything to how what we are teaching will bless the lives of those we talk to. They also have established a habit of being positive and building each other up, which is an amazing environment to be in.

Random stories? I met a crazy cat, that hissed at us whenever we came near. Then it started rubbing against our legs. I decided to put myself in danger, and pet it to see its reactions. It hopped up in the air, twisted, hissed, and narrowly missed me as it clawed the air. It was a near death experience.

Saturday we found an awesome family history website during service called relativefinder.org. I found out that Pocahontas is my 9th great grandmother, and that I have two 12th Great grandfathers that were on the Mayflower! I'm fourth cousins and fifth cousins with a few elders out here on the mission.

A lady who was reactivated a month ago gave a talk in Sacrament meeting, and I missed it because I was with the other Sisters! Sad day, but we had a chance to talk to her afterwards. I'm so proud of her!!

This week I want to let you know that I have a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and I know that true love and confidence comes from this gospel! 

Y'all are awesome.

-Sister Bennett

OLDIES! (That's right, a MIRACLE happened and I found my camera! It left me for two months. It needed a break)
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Guess who?

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Saying goodbye to Virg (In January)

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It's not fair to look that cute. And yes, that's a chinchilla.

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Me and Chinchi

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