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May 4, 2015

Dear my nearest Kin. 

Well, let me just say that I've been looking forward to writing this letter. It's been a fantastic week! 

Let me start off by talking about Sister Brown. She's a fantastic, refined, and just a GOOD girl. She's been out for 3 months, and I KNOW she is going to continue to be a great missionary! We balance each other. I'm good at being spontaneous (while still working hard and making sure things get done), and she's a good planner and scheduler, so nothing falls through the cracks.

She has a HUGE family, and her home ward is full of Professional musicians! In fact, I was listening to "Joseph Smith the Prophet" and "Lamb of God" CD's by Rob Gardner, and she KNOWS many of the performers, and one was her voice teacher at one point. She's so lucky!

Also, I highly recommend you to look up "My New Life." 

So, the main couple in this video is Sister Brown's aunt and uncle. Isn't that incredible? Sister Brown is in the video in the end during the "climb" part.

We shared this video to a couple of the families we were teaching early this week, and it was so powerful. I love hearing the personal side of the story! Also, I can't wait to go read Stephanie's blog. (

Next, I want to talk about our MIRACLES. I experienced one of the coolest moments of my mission this week. It also happened to be the most hilarious. We took Sam Fornero this Thursday to do temple baptisms for his first time! We went with 3 of the Hull kids, and Brother and Sister Hull. When we got there (the font is BEAUTIFUL by the way!) I saw Audrey Erickson from the Hidden Springs ward! We had gone on splits once, and it was one of the coolest experiences I had there. When she saw me she gave me a hug and told me she had just been thinking about me! That meant a lot. She also told me to come visit Hidden Springs!

The baptistery was incredibly busy. The youth in this area are on top of things! It was such a spiritual environment, and we could tell Sam was just soaking it all in. It was so busy that it took about an hour and a half, but totally worth it. We did confirmations first, and then baptisms. We were among the last ones through. First, two of the Hull kids did baptism work. Then it was Sam's turn to do vicarious baptisms. Side note: Sam is one to joke around a LOT. On the outside it may seem like he doesn't take things too seriously, although he does. He's a huge tease. Well, this just shows God's sense of humor. He and brother Hull got in the font, and Sam's first name was, "Drowning Bear Chief." I tried so hard to stay reverent, but all three of us (Tami, Sister Brown, and I) busted out laughing, and had to cover our mouths with our shirts. You have to understand, Sam is kind of like a bear in a way. But wait, it got better. His next names had terms such as "Little Turtle at Home Canoe", and "Dragon Canoe"...I think I was crying. I've NEVER experienced that before, and I doubt I will again. That was perfect. Just perfect. We'll all NEVER forget about it, that's for sure! And yet, Sam had a really good experience there. He told us he'll definitely go again with the Hull kids soon.

It's been cool, because everyday we send Sam something to read. It just so happens that what we send him "happens to be" exactly what he seems to need that day. He actually texted us telling us we were stalking him, and that it was freaky how accurate our readings are to what he is needing. It's such a cool experience to know we're being guided to send what he needs to hear!

Another highlight was that Eliza again came to church, and her precious baby girl Robyn was blessed! It was a beautiful experience, and Eliza loved it! Church was such a good experience for me this week.

My favorite part of the week was a ward youth Luau/dessert auction that went on this Friday. The youth fed us, and many ward members contributed cakes/desserts. It was a fundraiser for the youth camps, and it was so much fun. A huge plate of cookies went for $100! We even dressed up for the occasion - a member let us borrow her luau dresses she had bought in Hawaii! Ok, and a super nice couple BOUGHT A CAKE FOR US. Talk about spoiled. I only had a little, but man it was gooooood.

I also learned I am grateful for my area. I went on an exchange into our STL's area, which is about a square mile, and most people are active members. We got in one door and dinner all day, but it definitely taught us diligence! Sister Sutton is a DOLL, and we had a great time together. I'm just so appreciative for all the work I have in my area. I would get so antsy I think!

We also went out with a returned missionary in our area! We had a little miracle! We caught our reactivating member at home with her neighbor, who was really open to us talking to her! We were able to set up a return appointment, and on exchanges the other Sister's watched Finding Faith in Christ with he! 
Sister Brown and I are totally re-vamping our current area book, so everything is up to fly by the time I have to say goodbye, which is in a long time. We've gotten rid of a lot of junk!

Our ward mission leader is also splitting with us once a week now. I love it!

Alrighty, well family and friends, I doth love thee to the stars and beyond. Thou art beautiful.

Love thine Sister,
Sister Bennett

ALRIGHT. So, first off, DINNER with my favorite family! (One of them at least...)

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The STERRS!!!!!

Displaying IMG_0760.JPG
DOUG COOKED. (Inside joke I guess.) 

Displaying IMG_0763.JPG
I did. And I conquered. 

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Displaying IMG_0774.JPG
Among the same lines of food, I cooked a delicious lunch one day! 

Displaying P4213831.JPG
View 1 of our area.

Displaying P4213834.JPG
View 2 of our area.

Displaying P4223838.JPG
A part of the Homeland! (Arizona) 

Displaying P4233841.JPG
A selfie a day is a part of the "Sister's Standard of Excellence." :) 

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So, we're obedient. 

Displaying P4293871.JPG
Very obedient. 

Displaying P4303881.JPG

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HAHAHA. Nephi Ratto. One of my favorite people ever. He tried on a Russian hat one day, and fits the model to a T. I would cast him. This picture happens to be up on his LDS single profile. 

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I don't get trunky very often. But when I do....

Displaying P4233855.JPG
I have fun sometimes. 

Displaying P5013892.JPG
THE CAKE that was GIVEN TO US!!! # fandidlytastic. 

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The best morning of my week. I love Sam! And I love the Hulls!

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