Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 74: "B&B Hitting up the Streets!"

April 20, 2015

Dear my fiiiiinnnneee family, friends, and whomever else this may concern.

I HAVE A NEW COMPANION!! Which is bittersweet. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Sister Palmer and Curatolo! Holy Hecka Craziness, and we loved each other. We had...a little too much fun, although we worked way hard. We were able to teach 31 lessons between the two areas in the past week. Usually 20 lessons is a high mark. So it's been great. There have been days were I've had 5 - 8 hours of splits set up so I could stay working in my ward. This ward is AMAZING and so willing to help and become involved with us! So now I'm with Sister Brown from Mesa Arizona. She's 19, and she's been out for 3 months! 

WHERE to begin? 

I guess with the REALLLLLY interesting stuff. I ATE FROG LEGS YESTERDAY! Baked & Breaded frog legs. With a little Sirracha, mmmmm. Delish. It tasted like a mix of chicken and fish. I had about six. We were visiting a couple, with a lady from Louse, and a man from America, and it was the American who had the idea to do frog legs!

Also....he happened to be extremely drunk when we were there, which was unfortunate because we had made a return appointment we had made the previous week to teach him the lessons. BUT. That's ok, because that's where the gospel comes in....right? However, I've never taught someone quite that intoxicated before. I have perfect confidence that he won't remember anything next week. We love him nonetheless. :) 

ALSO, on Saturday I got asked to give a talk the following day at our 11 O-Clock block. So I had less than 24 hours, and (it was a 10 minute talk)...I've never felt more confident preparing quickly and giving a talk. It's like the Spirit just made it so easy. In fact, when I got up I think I may have talked for more like 12 or 13 minutes. It was on how members doing missionary work can change their lives. OF COURSE I can give a whale of a talk on that subject, because it's my favorite. I gave five promises to the ward if they did missionary work. 1. Their love for others would increase (and fear would decrease), 2. The Windows of Heaven would be opened and pour them out blessings, 3. They would have a greater influence of the Spirit in their lives, 4. We will have an enlarged capacity to feel Joy, and 5. Our character - our thoughts, desires, and actions - would be changed to become more like Christ's character. I wrote half of my talk while my companions were showering after a service project, and the rest of it Sunday morning. 

Sister Palmer and Curatolo are teaching a 17 year old named Kaden who is AMAZING! He is going to be baptized in a week. It's incredible to see how his testimony has changed his life. His friend, Trey, introduced him to the Gospel. Trey has been going to church alone for a while. His mom is less active. He's been praying for a long time that his family would join him in church. Well, the Lord answers our prayers in mysterious ways, because although his mom hasn't joined him, two of his best friends have joined the church in the last 3 months. God has given him a church family to be with. :) 

Today I dropped by the Andrus's (a dear family that I used to live with when I served in the Bel Air Ward) AND BROTHER ANDRUS WAS THERE! It was amazing to see him! Of course he had us stay for lunch. I wrote Sister Andrus a note, and just soaked in old memories. I love them. I also saw Pam Wilcox (a member in that ward) today at transfer meeting! I have a lot of catching up to do. 

It's going to be a goooooood transfer. I love you all so much!


Sister B.

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Eyeball. I know. 

Displaying AP.JPG
Our AP's! And Elder Usevitch is staying for a third transfer as AP! #righteous.

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I would say this defines our relationship, if anything could define our relationship. But nothing can. 

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They're so beautiful! And they're....cuddly. What?

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OK. Story time. Sister P & C's district leaders (who are awesome) decided to shake things up, and have a karaoke district meeting. We all chose a song (or two.) Pictures enclosed. 

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Our Zone leaders

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"Oh Canada"

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"That aint how you do it!" - says the Philli girl

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 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Displaying Iowa.JPG
"Iowa! There are no songs about Iowa!" 

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PAM Wilcox! <3 

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 Frog Leg. :)

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The Result.

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Our friend Joshua. Doesn't that jacket just look so good? It looks good.

Displaying Robert!.JPG
Robert (Joshua's brother) got in a bike wreck. I'm going to add this to my makeup inspiration pics. Only me. 

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"Saying goodbye to ONE OF MY FAVORITE SISTERS! Too hard!" --Sister Palmer 

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