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Week 78: "She's a Pteranodon!"

May 21, 2015
The Bennett Bunch
Fancy Friends
Near-blood Relations
And Otherwise Noted Confidants. 

I am Privileged to come before you this day, to write you a letter.
In which I entrust you with my innermost thoughts and feelings of my hearts.
As well as relating to you experiences of this, my mission. 

As you can see, the field is white, already to harvest. I don't simply mean that in the sense of the Bennett farm, but lo and behold, that metaphor extends to this mission. And soon, it will extend to the Canada, Winnipeg Mission. In other words. CONGRATULATIONS NATHAN!!! You're going to be AMAZING, and you're going to love it!! It's meant to be. That's right world, my little brother is going to serve a mission.

I'm so proud of him.

And one more shout-out!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most gloriously wonderful mothers out there! I <3 you mom. No shame. :) 

It's been about a week and a half since I've been able to write last, but I'm excited to be able to relate to you all today.

Yesterday was officially my 18th month mark. It would make sense that it was also my Mother's birthday. :) 

Another thought I had before I write happenings of this past week. I made up a quote, and I give you permission to quote me on it, however, don't forget to mention my name. :D My companion was asking me life questions, and I asked her. "Is it building your character, or just building your piggy bank?" It's an important thing to think about. 

We had an incredible Zone Conference last Friday. I had the opportunity to sing a duet with Sister CURATOLO!! That was my prayer, and it came true. :) We sang "His Hands" together, and an incredible musician in my ward was able to write me a higher harmony to go with the melody. It was really a wonderful opportunity, I don't think a song has ever gone so well on my mission. I had the chance to sing at my very first Zone Conference, and my very last one.

We learned about the importance of the Book of Mormon - and centering the importance on how it brings others to Christ. It has brought me closer to my Savior, and I cannot deny my testimony of it. It is an incredible book, and if you haven't read it, I invite you to do so. It has inspired me to want to be good, and do good, as Elder Bednar might say. I know it is good, and of God.

We also had an area 70 come and teach us what the leadership of the church wants to focus on - which is building faith in Jesus Christ. He specifically invited us to heighten our awareness of the Sabbath day, and the sacredness of it. He promised that we will see so many blessings as we do so. I thought that that was incredibly inspired. Without the Sabbath Day, where and when would we set apart a time to be grateful, and think of our Father in Heaven? It would be possible, but so much harder. I've been reading the talk, "The Sabbath is a Delight" by Elder Nelson lately. I love how he talks about how the Sabbath is a sign between God and his children, and when we are making choices on the Sabbath, the easiest way to know it is appropriate is asking ourselves, "What sign do I want to give to God?" 

We had a few inspired teaching and service moment. A lady in our area that I'm fairly close to didn't get a job she was hoping when an appointment of ours fell through we went and bought her ice cream and brought it! Another member of the ward had the same prompting at nearly the same time! It was really cool to see. I love being spontaneous, and I especially love when the Spirit prompts us to be. :) 

It's been raining every day, which is a shocker for my Arizonian companion. It's rather cute. :) 

I love you all! Continue to recognize the miracles! I'll email more next Monday, I promise. However, after that Monday there are no promises. ;) 

Sister Bennett

P.s. My companion was labeled as a Pteranodon by a 10 year old in the area, when he found out she doesn't eat meat except fish, and she is otherwise vegetarian. I won't let her hear the end of it. ;)

I like dragons. :)

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Displaying P5123955.JPG

My ORIGINAL MTC district!!! (At least the ones that came to Boise with me.) I LOVE THEM! :) 
Elder Stark, Elder Lucero, Elder Capps, Sister Bennett and Sister Willard. 
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Displaying P5144012.JPG

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"Sister Bennett eats "cow head tacos" from the taco truck" --Sister Brown
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This is my dearest Sister Palmer! I am going to miss this girl. 
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Our district, plus our zone leaders 

From left to right: Elder Jex, Elder Shade (district leader), Sister Bennett, Sister Brown, Elder Payne (zone leader), Elder Sellers (zone leader)
Top from left to right: Elder Nelson, Elder Shifflet 

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I'm normal.

Displaying P5113941.JPG

Displaying P5113949.JPG

Displaying P5113953.JPG
Can you tell that Doug is my favorite person? 

Displaying P5123959.JPG
These pictures capture our personalities perfectly.

Displaying P5123961.JPG
Plus, this is a hilarious picture of Brother Benedict, our ward mission leader. 

Displaying P5123964.JPG
One of my FAVORITE families, the Rattos!! 
Robert, Josh, Nephi, Me, and Norma. :) 

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Displaying P5123980.JPG
Once upon a time I danced in my front yard. :) 

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Displaying P5123989.JPG

Displaying P5133994.JPG
Before going through the car wash.

Displaying P5134001.JPG

Displaying P5134010.JPG
And....typical me. 

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Displaying P5144015.JPG
The three Amigos. 

Displaying P5174030.JPG
I try to be fierce. 

Displaying P5184036.JPG
We were given the BEST GIFT EVER! Gentri - they're a new trio that have recently come out with a CD. Apparently they met in Utah when they were in Les Miserables together? Anyhow, amazing voices, amazing music. We almost cried when Kenzie gave this to us, because we had been planning on getting it ourselves if not! Listen to their song "Dare". And "One". Way good. 

Displaying P5184038.JPG
I LOVE this little girl! Morgan. She's an inspiration. If you want to meet someone that is 100% herself 100% of the time, it's her. She's a mini diva/actress. If it's Frozen she's in her Elsa dress. If it's tangled she gets out a frying pan. If it is Wizard of Oz she has a basket and a toy dog. I love her, and want to grow up and be like her one day. 

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Singing "On My Own" in the rain. My companion's quite the photographer. :) 

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