Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 75: "We Run. We Play. We Work."

April 27, 2015
Dear Family,

It's been a good week, that's for sure. 

First and foremost, a missionary came home this week in our ward! Her name is Nika Sharp, and she knows four people from her mission that I know! 1. Nolan Steed - who I grew up with. Apparently he was nicknamed by his Mission President the "happiest Elder in the mission." I believe it! 2. Tyler Torrie! She said he was hilarious! 3. Marc Nzojibwami who is one of my good friends I met at EFY! He was the AP that she had when she was a greenie! and 4. Colin Jensen from Raymond. We had mutual friends. Also, her good friend knows Mark Matkin, who is my good friend! It's a small world.

Crazy sauce! Nika gave a great, inspiring homecoming talk, and even pronounced "bag", "tag", and "sorry" correctly! I'm good friends with her parents, and they've been talking about her coming home for a long time, so it was awesome to be a part of it all. She knows many, many people from Alberta. In fact, 60 % of her mission is Canadian Elders and Sisters. We're going to take her out to do missionary work with us soon. 

We had a miracle this week with Eliza! We took our Bishop and his 1st Councillor to meet her, and she came to church with her mom and her baby! Next week she wants to have her baby blessed. :) She loved it, and the ward was super welcoming. Along those same lines, we had two less active individuals who have come for the last two weeks, and one brought her daughter who we're teaching along! It was wonderful.

We continue to teach Sam the new member lessons, as well as texting him something to read every morning. If we forget, he even texts us and reminds us. It's amazing to see his hunger and thirst for understanding in the Gospel. AND he got his RECOMMEND to do Temple Baptisms!!! 

I found out that this transfer is a temple transfer, meaning that instead of having a PDay on the 18th we'll take it on Wednesday the 20th so we can go to the temple. :) 

Good thing we live in a mother-in-law house away from the members we live with, because I'm still singing. :) I was singing a lot of Les Mis this morning. Good thing my companion enjoys music too. 

I took Sister Brown tracting, and goodness it was an adventure. We met someone who slightly reminds me of the divination Professor from Harry Potter. She wanted me to connect to a tree spiritually by holding up my left palm. Well. It was interesting. She said the tree could sense my apprehension, so it wouldn't reach out. But...she was friendly?

We also met two new potential investigators tracting!

There were a few times where Sister Brown and I said a prayer, and then both got the same name in our mind to go see. It's amazing how that works. We had many spirit-filled lessons this week. At one point, we felt inspired to invite (in a loving, caring way) a less active/part member family to come to church. Well, the member got upset for some reason and started yelling a little, but through it all I just felt calm, and at peace. It's amazing how that Spirit can just take away that fear.

There was also a moment where we had the chance to testify of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to a less active member who said she struggles with those things. Honestly, those are the moments I feel the Spirit the strongest. 

Unfortunately, I put Sister Brown through her worst door approach. We were contacting an 18 year old girl who apparently accepted and wanted to read a book of mormon a while back. Well, we rang, with no answer. So we knocked, as we always do. Suddenly a man whipped open the door, and said, "Did you notice that I didn't answer the door when you rang? There was a reason." And then slammed it. At this point those kind of things just kind of run off my back, but my companion (who just finished serving in the "ghetto" of Boise") said it was the hardest approach yet. Aww! Sorry Sister Brown! Well, this mission is an experience, that's for sure. 

We're working on "renewing" and "revamping" our area book. I want to leave this area better than I found it. We even started a weekly split with our Ward Mission Leader, which is the BEST. :)

I love you all! If you have any questions, or anything you would like me to answer in my weekly email, I would love to!

From your Crazy Canuck Sister,
Sister Bennett

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"Since my companion is going home in 5 weeks she started to shop for pants! haha!" --Sister Brown

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