Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 28: "I Know Kung-Fu"

June 2, 2014

You're all so important to me. 

And all gushy-ness aside, it's been a week! Yup. I've learned a lot, but isn't that true of any week on a mission? This was my first full week with Sister FieFia by my side, and we've done some fun things! We've talked to a Muslim family about their religion, we've knocked on a few doors, we've born testimony, we've had things lost in translation, and we've had fun. That's what counts.
One day, we knocked on a door of an older gentleman. He took a look at us, and asked, "convert anyone today?" I promptly responded, without thinking, "Yes!" I then continued. " - Myself." I don't think that's what he was expecting to hear. That's not what I was expecting to say, but I'm glad I did. :) It's true.
Knowing what to say. That sometimes is a struggle - but I look back on the past 6 months, and I have definitely seen growth. And I know there is more to come, even though it doesn't come immediately like I would like it to. Nevertheless, I have to press forward. :)
We also did service! We pulled weeds out in a huge garden on an acre lot, and man alive I loved it. I love working in the sun, working in nature, and being with good company. I showed them city-boys and girls how us Canadians farm girls get weeding done. :P All pride and patriotism aside, it was just nice to be outside. However, the sun took a toll on my companion. She had a headache the rest of the day. Tongan's don't like the sun. I'm trying to help her so that the culture shock is easier for her. The food here is a LOT different. "In Tonga, it's different! The food is good!"
One of the highlights of my week was talking to a lady from New York. We sat down and talked with her - she is a retired University Professor, an avid Boise State Fan, and a bible scholar. She has a Jewish and Catholic background. We talked to her about the restoration, and cleared up any questions and mis-information that she had. Afterwards, she contemplated and said, "You girls are cool. You're not scared like the Elders that tried to talk to me. And I like what you have to say." We'll meet with her again next week. It was the most "discussion" of a lesson I've ever had. Love it.
We also taught Patsy's daughter! She's doing it to show her mother that she is supportive, and I'm grateful for that. I love that she's open enough to listen, which is all we ask for. It's up to those we teach to accept and act on the message. That's what I love about the Gospel. It's all about choice. 
Next week is Sister FieFia's birthday, and members in the ward have taken it upon themselves to throw a big party for her next week!

I am highly jealous that I wasn't in Canada for the Canadian general broadcast! It sounded wonderful. 
Well, good luck to you! Remember to find joy in the journey - have fun, and don't be so serious! It's healthy. :) Be true to who you are, who you want to be, and what you stand for!
Sister Bennett

Gotta love Kneaders Unlimited French Toast! Us Sister's gathered together for Sister Haa's birthday. She may or may not be one of the best Sister Missionaries I know.

Sidewalk chalk creation

Sayin' Goodbye to Sister Roundy!

Sister Maness!

My BEAUTIFUL new companion, almost straight from the exotic kingdom of Tonga! (Which she refers to as the Kingdom of Heaven.) *drumroll* SISTER FIEFIA! Oh, and Mr. Deer. 

These are 3 magnets that I painted. The figurines were pre-formed, I simply added color and life to them. It feels good to be artistic again.

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