Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 33: "Drink Lots of Water"

July 7, 2014
Dear Everyone,

Well, this week didn't go quite how I wanted or expected it to go. You see, July 4th I woke up not feeling well. We stayed home most of the day, and only went out briefly. It was fun to be in America for their Independence Day. Saturday, I woke up still not feeling well. However, I still took my companion up to a service project we had. I tried to do some weeding in my corn patch, but I just wasn't feeling well enough to continue. Instead, I had a conversation with Joe, who told me his background, and about his long (one might say eternal) investigation of the Church. It was a great conversation. He also gave me some good advice for the future.

I ended up sleeping the rest of the day, and cancelling the rest of our appointments. I couldn't eat very well either. We just went home. Well, Sunday we made it to church for sacrament, but then left. I just wasn't feeling well enough to stay. That night, a Tongan family had invited Sister Fiefia and I to come over, which I was excited for because Sister Fiefia had been feeling quite homesick, and I knew this would help her with her culture shock. Well, when the time came I just wasn't feeling well enough to go, so I had our Sister Training Leaders go on an exchange with us. During that time, I started feeling REALLY sick, and we ended up going to a Health Care facility - I was having symptoms of heat exhaustion. I could barely move without help. So, moral of the story is: Drink water. And don't work outside for extended periods of time in hot weather 100 degree weather. So now, I'm on doc's orders to remain at home and rest for the next couple days. That'll probably be good for me. I'm feeling a little better today.

One miracle this week: Two weeks ago we taught a lady who wanted us to know that although she wanted to learn, she had no intentions of joining a church, because she couldn't do the whole, "attend church" thing. This week though, she said that 1) She's been happier since she's been meeting with us, and 2) She's thinking about attending one of our meetings, in her own timing. That was amazing to hear! Small and simple things. :) She also told us her friends think she's crazy for meeting with us. Man, if it weren't for peer pressure, I think a lot more people would be open to talking with us. Oh well. All is well. :)

Well, I can't think of much more to say today. You know how much I love you. Remember who you are and what you stand for!

<3 Sister Bennett

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