Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 32: "I still get to hang out with Will Smith"

June 30, 2014
Dear F&F's! 

I'm not being transferred! Hallelujah! I still get to spend a little more time here in Bel Air. I'm so happy about that. This most likely will be my last transfer here, so I hope to work hard! There are some wonderful things in the works, I've really been blessed to see some people change and grow. But there is still so much more to do. I guess that's the manner of this missionary business. :) Sister Fiefia is staying here with me, so I get to finish her training, and continue teaching her English! I'm happy about that. 

Oh. This is a priority: HAPPY CANADA DAY!! I'm sorry I'm missing it, but I'll do my best to represent down here!! I love my country! You have to tell me all about it! The family I'm living with promised to fly my Canadian flag on that day. Oh, and Happy Fourth of July as well! I've never experienced one in the States before. I hope it's good. 

SO. Question for all Albertans this may pertain to. Has anyone seen Cardston theatre this year? How is it? Who is performing in it? What shows are they doing? Is there a children's theatre in Waterton? Some food for thought. It just hit me that around this time last year I was there, and about to open my mission call! Time flies, and learning comes so quickly. Being in Cardston last summer most definitely helped prepare me to be serving my mission. 

Enough about Canada (for now.) This week was a good one! However....we had a major hold up. We had spent a good amount of time getting Patsy's baptism ready. We were so excited for it! However, when we went to fill the font, there was no hot water! Some construction workers had cut off the gas main without letting anyone know, and we weren't about to put a 71 year old in cold water, so it got postponed last minute. That wasn't too fun, but no fear, we will have this chance again in two weeks from now. I guess that was just meant to be. It'll be an even better experience than it was going to be if we held it that day I guess. :)  

I feel like I have a unique role as a missionary, to help teach people who have some misconceptions about the church. Although these people have let us know they have no desire to join a church, they've agreed to listen, and come to more of an understanding. I respect them so much for that, for I feel it's so important to just understand, and respect what people believe, even if it is strictly educational for them. I hope, by example and through teaching, to help people see and understand what we truly believe, and who we have faith in. I am so truly grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the chance I have to share that message with others. :) No effort is wasted. For example, we are teaching a really cool woman who is a retired university professor. She has a jewish and catholic background, although she was raised something else, and has no structured religion she attends now. I feel like I learn as much from her as she is from us. 

Other experiences: We got accused of not being Christian, a semi-drunk man called out to us on the street to come teach his buddy who "needs more Jesus", made a great street contact with a young adult named Jesus (Spanish pronunciation) who told me I didn't look local because, "those eyes.", we're now teaching a 7 year old who loves Call of Duty and learning about the gospel, and was surprised by an investigator who I love dearly that she is seriously considering being baptized! 

We were surprised twice this weekend with Tongan food! I'm so glad. Sister Fiefia has missed it. 

Well, that's all for this week. I feel like I need to keep tabs during the week so I remember everything! 

Love you! Sing the national anthem loud and strong for me! 

- Sister Rachel Ann Bennett

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