Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 53: "I Love Turkey!"

November 24, 2014
Hola! Yateeh! Konnichiwa!

Navajo is a next to impossible language to learn. Have you ever heard of the Navajo Co-talkers (wind-talkers) of World War 2? They were able to send radio messages for the United States army without the Japanese breaking the code. It's a pretty darn cool story if I say so myself - and that's my companion's heritage!

It's been a good....4 days! The temple was absolutely amazing. It was exactly what I needed, and the Lord decided to send me even more tender mercies in the form of a member from my last area that I LOVE! :) Afterwards, us and another set of Sisters did CAFE RIO because it's Cafe Rio, and Target. I love Target. I think you can't be a Sister Missionary here without becoming prone to a slight addiction to it.

FRIDAY I had the chance to serve my very first day in Meridian! Haha yes it is different than Boise, but luckily the core of the work is the same. I missed Boise, but Sister Gummow and I had fun. We were able to meet some interesting people, and see spontaneous miracles that we prayed for!

Saturday was one of the best days of the mission. We spent the morning in service of one of my favorite people (Heather!) who is getting ready to have family over for thanksgiving. We had a blast. Sister Capitan was given a guitar? Don't ask me where she stores all the things she's given. ;) Then, we watched half of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with the Shea girls and their mom, Robyn. That was awesome. We had a good chat with Robyn afterwards about her first temple experience, and then we went over to our Bishop's home to do planning! For dinner we had a thanksgiving dinner, and early one with the Fales. Brother Fales was a linebacker for BYU at one point, and his wife is a dancer! Their kids to sports and arts. :) That evening we were able to coordinate two priesthood blessings, and I can't even begin to describe the Spirit that surrounds those. I'm grateful for supportive members of our ward who are willing to take time out of their evening to serve.

Sunday was a little rough, but there were those little shining moments. Seeing familiar faces in church, laughing at President Ririe's hilarity in Stake Correlation, putting together ideas for our districts Stomp performance for the Christmas talent show...

And today! Oh, it was wonderful. I was able to receive some wonderful advice from Sister Winder. I'm so lucky to be serving with her. (Our mission President's wife.) Also, we were involved in a Boise-wide charity project, providing Turkey dinners for those that aren't able to provide them on their own! It was such a fun four hours, and it flew by!

I love you all. Service always makes the heart lighter.

Sister Bennett

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