Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 59: "No Subject"

January 5, 2015
Yah teeh shi ma, doo shi zheii, doo shi tlchinii, ha eei?
Try to break that code. ;)

And that's why I can't speak Navajo everybody.


This was an interesting week. It's odd how the weeks with the highest highs are almost always accompanied with the lowest lows. I guess that's what happens when your heart is in something.

I can't believe the miracles though! I have a firm testimony that fasting and prayer brings miracles. The other day, Sister Capitan and I set a goal to find 5 new investigators in the next 3 weeks of the transfer, especially since I believe I am going to have to move on and let this area go after the end of this transfer. (Ugh!) Well, following that goal, we were able to get in touch with a lady who we had street-contacted - 3 times - and taught her about the restoration, the plan of salvation, and about the Book of Mormon on the street! Well, finally we had a meeting - in Starbucks - and were able to have a great discussion with her about Joseph Smith, church history, the church's stance on gay marriage, among other things. Her best question in my eyes was, "Why Jesus? Why was he the one chosen to die for us? Wasn't it hard for him, why didn't he just let someone else do it? I mean, he didn't WANT to die, did he?" Well, we promised her we would answer her question next time we saw her.

We also were able to contact a man that referred himself via over 6 months ago. He had NEVER been home until I briefly met him on an exchange, which was a miracle. He had recently had his arm amputated since he had gotten into a dirt biking accident, and it's caused him to really ponder about his purpose, and his relationship with God. We were briefly able to teach him about the Resurrection, and got a return appointment!

The next miracle - we set up a return appointment with two other potential investigators. However, they had to postpone, but they really want to learn and make God more of a part of their life!

And THEN, we decided to contact another potential investigator, but ended up talking to his Muslim neighbor from San Francisco. He was cool, but not interested in our message. However, he said, "My neighbors a preacher! Go talk to him!" We did, and asked if we could come back and teach him about our faith. He accepted! 
And then something I never expected happened - we got two Hidden Springs referrals! One is a family that is inviting their friend to be taught, and another was a Media referral!

Wow, the Lord has blessed us so much. I love spreading this Gospel. I can't tell you how many times people not of our faith have told us that we carry a special spirit about us. It's not something I boast in - in fact, I know I could not carry this responsibility at all on my own. I'm just so grateful that the Lord has given me this chance to serve him, no matter how large or small my service may be.

Well, you are all in my prayers. You inspire me! I'm going to send pictures soon.

-Sister Bennett

We built the ultimate blanket fort in our apartment. And then we slept in it. Starting off the new year right.

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