Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 65: "I like Turtles."

February 16, 2015
Dear Everyone,

My thoughts are so scattered, so this might be a short one.

We had a cool tracting experience! We tracted into a man, who immediately said, "I'm Christian, I'm good." But then we got to know him, and asked him what church he goes to - Calvary Chapel (of course.) But we just showed we were interested in his life, and what he believes in, and I think he really opened up to us about his believe in Christ. And then I felt like I should give him a Book of Mormon, and so I bore my testimony of how it's brought me closer to my Savior. He immediately accepted it, said, "I've been wondering about the Book of Mormon. I promise I will read it!" That was a mini-miracle. It's amazing how no matter how opposed someone can seem, you can still open doors if you love, and bear your testimony, and share what you know to be true.

Also, last week Sister Zelaya got an email from her brother who is on a mission in South America. As you know, Elder Nelson came here a month ago, and two weeks afterwards he visited her brothers mission. When he saw his nametag, he said, "Zelaya! I've seen that name somewhere recently!" Wow! Of all the thousands of people he's seen, he remembered a simple name. That was so cool to me.

Speaking of General Authorities, one of the members of our ward (Brother Bateman) has a sister married to Elder Hollands son! So basically the Hollands are in the family now! He told us some hilarious stories, and some touching ones as well. My favorite was about a time when Elder and Sister Holland were on the road for about a month. They got home from their trip, and they were exhausted. They had a family dinner which involved the Bateman family, and as they were eating Elder Holland was basically falling asleep in his chair. Sister Bateman asked if he wanted to lie down on one of the beds in another room. He thanked her, but asked if instead, he could lie down on the floor by the family, so that he still could hear their voices and feel like a part of the conversation. Time with his grandkids is rare, and he sacrifices so much being away from his family, that every second was precious. Sister Bateman agreed, and he fell asleep on the floor within seconds. I thought that spoke so much of his character, and who the General Authorities are, and just how much they sacrifice.

I've also learned that I need to be myself - no matter what - because that's what Heavenly Father wants me to be. I can be my best self through Him, but he doesn't want me to lose my individuality or personality in the process. 
I met a lady (the mom of one of our reactivating ladies, and she's SO spunky and cool.) who belongs to the TRA - The Temple Riders Association. It's a group of members of the church who LOVE to ride motorcycles, and so they travel around the United States to temples, and end up doing Temple work! A non-member methodist preacher ended up joining them on these rides, and now he's taking the discussions, and loving everything he learns.

Anywho, we're moving at the end of this week again, so we'll be living in our area! Unfortunately that means we have to move out of the Sperry's, which is sad. I love them, and their home is beautiful.

Have a good week! Pictures to come!

Sister Bennett

The Triforce at the Temple. 
Oh, and Sister CLUFF joined us! <3

 We're all in this together.

Attractive, as always.

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