Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 66: "Mary, Did You Know?"

February 23, 2015

I'm wearing a mini blanket on my head, because I'm cold, and that's what my companion offered to me. Anywho, all the Elders told me I look like Mary, and then they started singing Mary Did You Know to me. And now they're playing their respective favorite versions. Fun.

This week was a busy one again! I don't even remember what went on, only that it was a busy one. 
My companion says it the best. Every Sunday is an orchestration. Seeing who's there, who isn't, texting Bishop to see if he sees people we can't, finding all the people on our list of who to talk to...we had two less actives at church, which was awesome, but one that we thought for sure would come didn't, which was disappointing. But that's the life of a missionary. We came into this area with not too much real progressive investigator work, but we're working (hard) on that. Right now we are doing a lot of less active work though, since there is a huge amount of work in this ward.

Ok! So this week. I forgot I brought my journal here, so now I remember!

Tuesday: We went to an eye doctor for Sister Zelaya. Dr Koefed. He has 11 KIDS. That rivals you Mom and Dad. What were you thinking? Haha he's one of a kind. He has a daughter serving in the Edmonton Alberta mission, so if you see her, holler!

Wednesday: The new Missionary meeting. Probably one of the most inspirational meetings I've been to for a good long while. I LOVED it. I wrote in my journal that the Spirit was there in Abundance. President gave a comment that I just thought was profound. He talked about true love - which is Charity. He said that the feeling of love is just one faucet, one appendage to what love truly is. True love is GIVING. Giving of ourselves. The scripture didn't say God so loved the world that his heart was warm and fuzzy. It says that God so loved the world that he GAVE his Only Begotten Son. He did the hardest thing he could possibly do. He gave up his son, his Only Begotten Son, out of pure love, so that his Son could experience the pain, the suffering, the anguish it took to die for us. It was never meant to be easy. What do we give because we have true love?

I've been thinking a lot about that lately. It was a fantastic meeting. A Sister Missionary who is leaving soon bore the most powerful testimony on Christ. She's usually hilarious and a little sassy, but here she just opened up, and cried. I couldn't take it. I cried too.

Wednesday night we joined the Priest Quorum for mutual, and told how we came to be on a mission, and then opened it up for a Q and A. I think they loved it! They asked questions such as: How best to prepare, what are some of the struggles of a missionary, how do you best adapt to the schedule, what are some experiences that we've had, etc. The Spirit was quite strong there as well. Those kids are hilarious.

Best news of the week! Thursday! I FOUND OUT LOUIS IS GETTING MARRIED!!! To a good LDS girl! Aaaaaaaah! I was hopping up and down when I found that out! :D :D :D

Friday was bittersweet. We moved out of the Sperry's, into our ward. I was sad to leave Sam, the fat cat. We actually live in their backyard, which is in Kuna, which is out of the mission! Aaah! We're illegal (except that it's approved. :P) We have a mother-in-law house to ourselves, which I guess is nice.

Saturday I caught a GOLD SNITCH! I'm Harry Potter! We were driving to Noodles n' Company behind Elders after a district meeting....and they had a golden snitch on their antenna thing on the back of their car. So as we were stopped at a big intersection on a main road, I decided to run out of our car, snag the snitch, and then run back. The adrenaline. I was so happy.

I have such a strong testimony of this Gospel. It is true. God does everything out of his love for us. It may be hard to understand sometimes, especially when we go through things that humble us, but it is true. I had a great study about the atonement this morning. Alma 34. This is real. This is true. I love you!

Sister Bennett

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