Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 70: "Findlay-Less"

March 23, 2015

Dear Family,

We found out a week and a half ago that we were losing our child! Another Sister that was training lost her companion who was also waiting for a visa for Taiwan, and so, lo and behold, she was separated from us. I know I've only been with a single companion all my mission, but it doesn't feel like it now! It's so...quiet. It's crazy!

So, other than adjusting to that, we had two special opportunities this week.

Sister Zelaya and I got to go to the Endowment session of Cassie, who we both worked with! It was amazing to be able to go to the temple with her! It was a special experience for all of us.

We also had the chance to be in attendance to another Sister's Patriarchal blessing, which was absolutely incredible. The Spirit was so strong, it felt like a church or a temple in the Patriarch's home.

So, remember when I mentioned we were teaching David, a guy who grew up in Taber? Well, now we are teaching his son, Josh, and he is sosoooo awesome! He was just so open minded and interested in what we had to say.

We had dinner with a lady from the Czech Republic, Eliska. Gosh, she's a fireball. She grew up in an orphanage, and had to eventually escape her country to come to America. She's went through a LOT in her life, and yet is the kindest person I have ever met! She wants us to come back and teach her more.

We also found another potential investigator through an active lds lady that moved in the ward, who is taking her non-member granddaughter to church!

I think the Lord is just pouring out miracles on us. We've seen so much happen, and we are working hard.

We're coming up to the end of Sister Zelaya's mission! I can't believe it, two more weeks and she'll be back in North Carolina. I'm so lucky to be with her! Hopefully I am not a distraction...I like to tease her about things back home. But I also like to help her focus. Healthy balances, right?

Okie, Have a great week y'all! Remember who you are and what you stand for! Keep on being the examples that you are.

The Gospel is true!

-Sister Rachel Bennett

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