Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 60: "The Field is White!"

January 12, 2015
Dear my Snow-ridden blizzard blighted tundra trapped family!
And everyone else, of course.

CANADA! Oh how I miss blizzards, and giant snow drifts. I rather loved the pictures of Tia Yolanda walking through the drifts. You're so funny Yola! I wonder how those poor missionaries are doing up there...That's REAL cold. We have nothing to complain about down here.

This week was a very busy one. We had an incredibly inspirational Zone Meeting, in which they challenged us to find a new investigator within 72 hours. They challenged us to pray every hour to be able to achieve our goal. Well, our Zone by the end found about 24 new investigators, and many potentials. Unfortunately on our end we had so much opportunity lined up, but nothing went through, and all our appointments cancelled. But hey, at least we were out there doing it. That's what I'm all about. So I'm happy about it. And we found 4 new potentials, and an 11 year old to teach, so it wasn't unsuccessful. :) Also, at the end of our 3rd day I was set and determined to find a new investigator. We knocked into this sweet, refugee Muslim family. We shared a part of the restoration, but then their friend who could speak some English had to go. That was a unique experience.

Also, I've had a couple unique opportunities! A non-member family who we did art with on a P-Day is submitting my art piece into a gallery at their church! I did a write up on what my piece means to me, and I wrote about being a missionary, and about recognizing God's light rather than focusing on darkness, and opposition in all things. I'm so excited to see it! Sister Winder gave me permission to go if we take an investigator to it. :)

Also, the Hidden Springs Ward asked me to direct their Youth mini roadshow! The Stake is putting on a "missionary" night where they'll be performing. I'm so excited, right now I'm working on re-writing the script to add more humor into it. I'm adding references to Frozen, Princess Bride, and Tangled, as well as other things. It's going to be so much fun.

Can you believe Sister Capitan and I have been together for 4 months now? Craziness.

I know more happened this week, but I can't for the life of me think of what to say. 

I love, I love, I love you! You make me perfectly and incandescently happy.
Sister Bennett

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