Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 63: "Fa Mulan!"

                                                                                                                                                         February 2, 2015


We are a trilingual companionship!

Monday we moved in - the house we live in is SO NICE. Guaranteed, the NICEST place I've lived in on my mission. We have a lot of space, the entire upstairs to ourselves, and a walk in closet. Oh, and a piano. And a cat, Sam. Basically, it's awesome.

Tuesday - the big reveal. We went to meet our companion! I admit, I was a little nervous, but not as nervous as I was when I was set to train by myself. When we got there, we couldn't help but "survey" the new greenies. Two in particular caught our eye. One from Brazil, and one who is a visa waiter. Well, turns out we are now a trio-companionship with Sister Findlay! She is amazing! She is from Murray Utah, and she learned Mandarin Chinese in the MTC because she is going to Taiwan on her mission once she gets her Visa! Her mom is from the Philippines, so she is half Philippino. The same mission Rick served in! Rick, you should send her a mandarin email!

Wow, I'm paired with two spiritual powerhouses. We've had a lot of fun, we've met SO many people in this new ward, and we feel as though the Lord was truly inspired to put us here. There is so much potential. Sister Findlay seems like a seasoned veteran missionary already. There is so much power when she bears her testimony!

Wednesday - We got permission from President to go down to my last area so I could be there for my Hidden Springs Roadshow. The kids did so well! I'm going to MISS that ward, I love the people so much. They surprised me with flowers. It was a lot of fun. Also, got to say Hi to Sister Capitan again, which was great. I'm already missing her.

The Meridian 14 ward that I'm serving in now is awesome. That's the only way I can describe it. We feel so much support already, and it's just the first week. The members are amazing. They're already putting us to work. We met an awesome recent convert - Sam Fornero. I told him he should move to Canada, and he was all like, "---- No!" Hahahah he keeps things fresh. We also met an investigator - Shige. She's 89! Haha, when we first came she didn't answer, and the member we were with got super worried! We knocked on the front door and the back, and then called. The Sister we were with kept on saying - this is not good, this is not like her, etc. Then we knocked again, and Shige answered! She had the phone in her hand, and she told us that the lady she was talking to just wouldn't shut up! Hahaha spunky. She came here from Japan when she was in her 20's I think. Every night she reads 10 verses of the Book of Mormon - First in English, then in Japanese. She is currently reading in 3rd Nephi 11, which is cool because that is what we were inspired to share with her. She is going to retake the discussions once she has finished reading 3rd Nephi 11 - 27, the Chapters that are the account of Christ's visit to the Americas. We respect that. She is so awesome.

A trio is a lot of fun. I'm in the process of learning Spanish and Mandarin. We named our GPS Fa Mulan, because we have it speaking in Mandarin. Hmmm. We went tracting with Sister Findlay, and everyone was exceptionally nice to us, even though we didn't get in anywhere. That surprised her.

Through it all, I've been feeling confirmation after confirmation that this is where I need to be, and I need to Trust in the Lord. He knows what he's doing. Alma 19:6.

Sister Bennett

This is my artwork that I submitted into a Christian Art Gallery for the Vineyard church, through an artist that I got to know well in my last area. :) 
Hopefully we'll be able to go to the Gallery itself. Our Mission President's wife told me to take an investigator, so that's the plan.

Saying Goodbye to Sister Capitan! 
Saying goodbye to the Shea Girls! 

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