Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 67: "I'm a Nerd, and that's a Good Thing."

March 2, 2015
Dear Family and Friends,

Extra Extra! It's been a good week! Come hear all about it!

It's been such a blessing-filled week! I've been so excited to let you all know what has happened.

LAST Saturday, LOUIS got married to a good LDS girl! I can't believe it! I couldn't be there in person, but my heart was there. TIFFANY from my last area is getting baptizedTHIS Saturday! I jumped up and down when I heard. Also, Sheri Dew is coming to our Stake this Saturday! And transfer calls are this Saturday? It'll be a big day.

We ran into a man named Jim while tracting a couple weeks ago. He at first said he was good, and that he was fine with his church. Well, we asked him what faith he attended - he said Calvary Chapel. We then gave him a Book of Mormon, which he willingly accepted. Well, fast forward to Tuesday. We came back, and surprisingly he invited us right in! He said he had skimmed through, and he didn't think it correlated at all with the Bible. Well, we talked about the cross-references at the bottom of page, and taught him more about the Book of Mormon, what it's about, and how it came to be. He was very kind and open-minded, and invited us to come back in a few weeks after he's looked into it some more. Pray for a miracle with Jim!

We also ran into an atheist man, who I actually really liked. However, I think he likes debate for the sake of debating. You could tell he wasn't open to considering anything we said from the get-go. And he had the audacity to tell me that as a woman I am devalued and disregarded in the church. Ooh. Pause button. Talk about one of the very things that gets me a little fiery. I let him know in the kindest way I could at that moment how very valuable women are in the church, and how men and women are equal, and that positions in the church aren't sought for for personal attainment or "rank", but rather they are seen as opportunities to serve. I also described the ways women serve in the church on every level, and how men and women worked together. He debated back, of course, but at least we were able to defend ourselves a little bit.

We then asked if he's ever tried to know if God was there. He said yes, and we asked him what he expected his answer to be. He said he expected a sign. All I could think of was Alma 30 haha. I laughed in my heart. Well, I like him. He admitted to us at the end that if he has respect for any religion it is ours, because we take care of our own.

What I learned from that experience, and what I'm here to say that God doesn't work that way. He works through faith, and humility, in small and simple ways. I can't deny the witnesses I've received that God is there. It's come through study and reading. It's come through peace. It's come through my questions being answered, and through guidance. And it comes through time, usually. I've put it to the test. If you're doubting, I challenge you to put it to the test as well. Read the witnesses. Ponder. Pray in faith. I know God answers a sincere heart.

We also committed a single Dad and his daughter to prepare for baptism! They are the SWEETEST. We watched Finding Faith in Christ, and afterwards asked them what their favorite part was. Both of them responded about a miracle that Jesus performed, in which he healed a man's blindness, and had the man's daughter in front of him so that she'd be the first thing he would see when he opened his eyes. We were able to bear our testimonies that families are strengthened as we act on our faith, and come unto Christ. The end was my favorite. We asked Lily to pray, and so she did....and she asked Heavenly Father that us Sisters would get off our "probation" soon so that we could go home to our families! Hahah we couldn't stop laughing!

As well, we're teaching a family, who has a fourteen year old boy who previously hasn't shown much interest. However, he agreed to prepare to be baptized! Right before, we asked him if he wanted to be clean, and he responded, "Well, I just took a shower!" He's a great kid.

We met a less active man...and we asked him where he was from. He responded, "Canada." I bolted up straight in my chair and asked, "Where?" He said, "It's a small place, it's called Taber, Alberta. " "THAT'S WHERE I'M FROM!!" Wow, that was a miracle! His grandpa even worked in the sugar factory! I can't wait to go back and see him again.

Things finally seem like they are moving forward here. I guess it takes about a transfer to do so when you've whitewashed an area. I would truly and deeply appreciate your prayers.

I love you! 
-Sister Bennett

P.s. We had Stake Conference yesterday, and it was broadcast in from another Meridian Ward, and L.Tom.Perry was at it! He spoke, and it was amazing! Did you know that on New Years (this year or last) he was watching a football game, and he went over to get some candy and he got excited about a play and fell? And broke 6 ribs? And yet now, at 93, he's still up and about. I almost felt like he needed help standing at the pulpit, but he seemed fine! And he is so funny. He talked about going to Broadway plays as well. It made him seem all the more relate-able. He talked about Character - how it isn't what we inherit, or what our reputation is. Rather, it's who we are at the core. Our reputation is the shadow of our character.

There was two other great speakers who spoke on change and avoiding contention. I loved it, and also, a less active came! She's determined to be active again.

P.p.s. Hehe. I dyed my hair! Dark. It's a semi-permanent dye, and I love it. It actually didn't turn out as dark as Sister Benjamin and I expected (she does hair for a living), but we still like it! I also got cleopatra bangs. I like change too much, I guess. I would send pictures, but I can't find my camera anywhere. 

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