Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 11: "Dear the Fam Jam"

Dear Everyone, 

It's been a great week! Boise has been warming up. Yesterday we had 43 degree weather. Yes. But regardless whether the weather is good or bad, I love it here in Boise.

Every week we get together with our adopted "Mom", Joyce. We either do something fun (baking, spa nights etc.) or we go out to eat. This week, since it was Chinese New Years, Joyce treated us to Mongolian Grill. Delicious. We teach her a lesson every week as well. She doesn't have much of a background in the church, despite being baptized when she was 8. However, her son joined the church when he was at university, and has married in the temple. This, along with our visits, has made Joyce more curious about learning about the Gospel. We love her very much, and we've had a great experience teaching her. She's coming to church to see me sing this week. I'm excited. :)

Beautiful makeup courtesy of a seven-year-old
One Mormon message that we showed Joyce is called "Origin." It's a really good one. You should look it up!

(so you didn't have to... here it is!)

Another highlight of the week is that Sister Allen's dad sent us Enya CD's in the mail! As long as music is uplifting, non-distracting from our purpose, and doesn't take away from the Spirit, we can listen to it. And Enya definitely qualifies! She's amazing.

I went on exchanges with Sister Hatch this week as well. In our (however limited) free time she is teaching me basic dance skills, since I love to learn, and I really want to grow in that area. It's so fun! I've been practicing a lot when I can. I'll be a dancer when I get home - just wait. I can almost do the splits!

Sister Bennett in a hand chair

You meet all sorts of people on the mission with all degrees of perspectives, education, and backgrounds. That's one of the things I love the most! I love that the Gospel can be a blessing to everyone who accepts it, no matter who they are. Right now, along with reading the Book of Mormon, I'm studying the New Testament in the Gospel of John. It's pretty incredible to study the life of Jesus, who he was to the people, and the incredible things he did. He really was the best example, and the master teacher.  John has been my favorite book so far.

Ooh! We met a man in our ward, Harold,who is 85, and still out flying airplanes and teaching piloting! He's been flying all his life, and I'm pretty sure he has been a pilot in the Air Force. He's pretty awesome. He shared with us the book he wrote about all his flying experiences. He can talk your ear off, but I still love him. He has an incredible testimony of the Book of Mormon. He didn't come to church for over a year since he was an Area 70 and when that leadership was no longer needed he was offended since he was no longer was recognized as a 70. However he came to church the last two weeks, and he bore his testimony yesterday!

Well, I have to go. Preparation Days are definitely busy! I love you all!

Sister Bennett

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