Monday, February 10, 2014


Dear family,

This one will be very short, but this is a very exciting season!
I'm dramatic sometimes.

I'm so excited to Skype y'all! It'll definitely be on Christmas day, sorry if you won't be there! I may be able to make a couple other quick calls to family if I have time. I have 45 minutes total. Lucky for me, I'm blessed enough to have a plentitude of family! I make up words sometimes too.

Have a great Bennett family Christmas, and Christmas Eve! I hope you got my package by now! 
Don't worry, I'm not too homesick. I have a great family, but I'm happy to be here! 
My companion will call on Christmas eve to make arrangements for our call.

BY THE WAY: You should ALL watch Ephraim's Rescue! It's SO good! We watched it in the MTC, and at my mission Christmas party. I cried, and it takes a lot to make me cry in a movie. So Mom, you'll definitely need some kleenex's. :) It's really inspiring, and is highly based on true events! ALSO, I KNOW 5 people in the movie, all of which went to BYU, and 3 of which are my personal friends! So cool. I really hope you get to see it.

Time for me to go, but I'll see you all on the blessed day of Christmas! 
Remember the true meaning! The Savior lives!

Sister Rachie Ann. 

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