Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 6: "Happy New Years!"

Dear familia,

It was so good to talk to everyone!! I loved it so much. I realized how much louder I am when I'm with my family. I like it. It feels natural.

Y'all looked so great! It's a great blessing, to have the technology of skype! I couldn't imagine calling you without seeing you!

So our mission has made the goal to get 500 investigators before January 7. We are about 65% there, so we definitely need prayers! I know that if we have faith and work hard, we can do it. Apparently in my area when I was out on exchanges Sister Allen and her temporary companion picked up 2 new investigators for our area. A miracle! Next time I want to be in our area though.

I love hearing about your missionary experiences! This morning for study we felt like we should look at some Mormon Messages to share with our investigators/less actives...and we watched one called, "A Work in Progress" about Tyler Haws! It was so good. We're going to share it. You should look it up!

A small miracle happened. We teach an investigator, Kathryn, who is in about her 70's. She is pretty solid about the church, has a baptismal date, but she really struggles with coming to church because of her many health problems. I felt like I should ask her if she would like a blessing. She said yes, so the elders went by on Saturday. She said she felt as though a weight was lifted from her, and she felt more cheerful after the blessing, and she made it to church! She even used a cane instead of a walker. I love her. She gave me a journal for Christmas that says, "Be Beautiful. Be Yourself." I loved it.

Well, I can't think of much else to tell you. Life is good! I love having long, productive days. I love getting up early! I find I function really well until around 6:00pm. Then I crash. But that's ok, I push through.

One of my favorite scriptures of mine right now is D&C 50:40-45. 

Sister Rachie

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