Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 8: "Mission Impossible"

Dear my dear Family,

This week was great! I'm so tired, but thankfully there is the inspired thing called P-Days. I'm definitely going to take a nap.

So: First thing first. I didn't get transferred! Sister Allen and I get to stay here another six weeks. I'm very grateful. We're doing good work in this area. One of my highlights is definitely Sister Sundquist. We call her mom. Her son is an active member, but she was baptized as a child and then never went, so she really doesn't know anything about the church. Well, after we developed a really good bond with her (over spa-nights, treat & craft making, going out for sushi & mongolian food, pizza nights, and many spiritual thoughts) she agreed to take our lessons! Also, she came to church with us yesterday! And liked it! Everything that was said seemed perfect for her. I just hope she continues to want to learn more after we're gone. She's been through a lot in her life, and that's been hard on her faith. But I know that she has it, deep down. This week we are taking her out for Breakfast and teaching her the Plan of Salvation.

Did I tell you about Asmaa? She's originally from Iraq, and used to be Muslim, but now she goes to church every week and is learning more. She always has so many questions, which is great. It's interesting to teach someone with a background in the Muslim religion, and the Koran. But we love her, and she loves us. She's such an incredible woman.

You meet so many cool people on missions. Oh, and by the way, for New Years, Boise did a potato drop. They literally dropped a giant potato. They would. 

Well, I love you all. Just so you know, I'm still my crazy self. I still like wearing fun makeup (that's not too crazy but still fun) and doing my hair. I still sing all of the time. Plus, thanks to some unreasonable cheap thrift stores, I have some new fun outfits to wear. I've found some fun skirts and blouses. I wish you could see them. ;) I feel more me than ever!

Good luck with all your shenanigans!

Sister Rachie Bennett

The zone!

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