Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 9: "Eventful Week!"


Where to start? I guess with today! We didn't have PDay on Monday because we are going to the temple today! I'm excited to go to the temple again. It's been too long. It's such a blessing!

Kathryn, one of our investigators, is getting baptized this week! I'm so happy! This will be the first baptism of someone I had the chance to help teach. She is wonderful. She's a 60 + year old lady, who is the nicest, most sweetest person I've ever met. She even bejeweled her Book of Mormon with little pink glue on jewels. I love her. She even asked me to sing for her baptism, and when I asked her what song she would like me to sing, she told me that she wanted me to sing Amazing Grace! As if! I love that song! I'm so excited to serve in that way, but I still have to practice and learn it. She's been postponing her baptism for 3 months, so it's exciting to see things actually happen, and to be there for it. Oh blessings. I'm excited for that on Saturday.

The bejeweled Book of Mormon!
So....I had a embarrassing experience. One day we left the house early to go to an appointment, and when we came back we found the kitchen floor completely covered in a swampy/foamy state! I screamed! Turns out, I accidentally put dish soap in the Dishwasher instead of Dishwashing fluid! Ooops....! Luckily we had help cleaning that up. Definitely not going to be doing that again.

I also had the unique chance to go on an exchange into a Spanish area for a day! So fun, except I didn't understand much! We made churros, served a recent convert, and visited an investigator who is waiting to be baptized! It was a fun and spiritual experience. I learned a lot of Spanish phrases. Apparently I learn fast and have a good accent! Yay! I would love to learn Spanish one day. I have many Spanish friends.

The Spirit truly leads and guides us in this work. This work is the truth! If you don't believe me, go and read the Book of Mormon, and find out for yourself.:) That book is incredibly powerful. I love reading from it.

Well, that's all folks. Till next time,

Sister Rachel Bennett

P.s. Animals love me. I don't know what it is, but they are always content perching on my lap and letting me pet them, even if they aren't usually friendly. Do I smell weird or something? I don't know. 
P.p.s. Thanks for all the letters! I love hearing from everyone! I'll try to respond the best I can in other emails.

At an old train/historic site

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