Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 14: "Whahooaaee?"

Dearest Family and Friends,

Well, good things come and good things go. It looks like it's time for me to say goodbye to the Boise South area...because I got transferred! I have a new adventure to look forward to, that's for sure. I'm going to the Boise West Stake. I get the opportunity to open a new area and be a senior companion! After three months! It's going to be a challenge, but that's what missions are for right? Live and learn. My new companion is Sister Roundy - from North Carolina.

That being said, I'm really sad to leave the Shoshone Ward. I really grew to love the people there, and I expected that I would stay rather than go, but I guess the Lord had other plans for me. It was pretty incredible to see people change for the better in the small time I was given to serve there. One of these people is our dear Kathryn who got baptized a month ago. She gave us a written copy of her testimony last week, and in it told us of miracles that have happened in her life in the past while. One of these happened about three weeks before her baptism. She has a lot of problems with her health, to the degree that it was even a struggle for her to be able to get up and make it to even the 1 pm church meeting. One day as we taught her, I felt very strongly that I needed to ask her if she needed a blessing. She said she would love one. In her testimony, she writes that when she received this blessing, not only was she healthy enough to go to church the next day, but it was as if she felt something lift out of her - her depression. To this day she says that she has not felt depressed since receiving that blessing, and that she's happier than she has ever been in her life. It's been a month since her baptism, and about two months since she received that blessing. That is a miracle. She seems so calm and confident now. Even her son who does not share our faith has noticed the change. Also, she now is now making it to her ward which is now at 9 am, and staying for the full 3 hours. I feel so blessed and grateful to have been able to see those miracles in Kathryn's life. 

There are so many people I am going to miss, but I know that there are more people I'm going to have the chance to grow to know and love in this new ward that I am being transferred into. Watch out, Boise West. Here comes the Canadian. A family that I so dearly love calls me the "Crazy Canadian Cat Lady." Proud of it. Speaking of Canada, I feel more and more patriotic every day. I'm glad we did so well in the Olympics! It was definitely a sacrifice foregoing watching them this year! Nonetheless I LOVE being a Canadian, I love being a missionary, and I feel like I directly represent Canada in this area. A few of my friends have told me when I said goodbye that when they think of Canada they'll think of me. Hopefully I'm doing a good job representing the homeland wherever I go. I get teased mercilessly, but - much thanks to having four older brothers - I think I can take it. ;) I've got thick skin. It's the redneck in me.

Well, I love ya! Keep on being yourselves! Good luck with all your shenanigans. 

Te amo te quiero,

- Hermana Bennett

P.s. Pictures! 

We had a district lunch before transfer calls were made. Have you heard of Proof shades? Missionaries get a sick (as in a fabulous) discount on them. I stole a pair briefly.
Sister Allen and I with Whisper! She's so sweet. 

This is my first time ever making cupcakes. Who knew? It's a landmark in my life. 

Sister Allen and I matched when we sang together in church. She picked out my outfit. ;) She's a pink kind of gal.

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