Monday, February 10, 2014


Whitney Houston reference anyone?

As you can tell, my brain is fried. I just spend around 45 minutes reading emails from everyone! Cookbooks, Basketball, Snow, Missionary work, Boston, Dates...So much! But I sincerely have been learning these past weeks why missionaries love mail so much...It's AWESOME to hear from the people we love! And encouraging. Even if I probably won't have time at all to answer all that I want to, I was so happy to hear from all of you! Plus, I ended up laughing out loud several times. Our family is hilarious. I *sniff* love you all. I'm very excited to talk to you on Christmas!!! (By the way, it'll be either later Christmas morning or early Christmas afternoon - a member family offered to feed us Christmas breakfast! Plus we have a dinner appointment that day with another member, so it should be a lovely day. We're not allowed to proselyte on Christmas, so we're filling the day with member appointments. Best Christmas ever!)

I don't even know what to write, there was so much! But I have no time, so hopefully this email isn't too scattered! 

Today in my scripture study I had the insight that faith overcomes fear, not by removing fear but by giving you the strength to act contrary to it! And act opposite than you would if you were motivated to act because of fear!

As missionaries we learn that we can teach people the doctrines and fundamentals of the gospel all we want, but unless people have a sincere desire to try those things out on their own, they can only progress at a certain rate. Progression comes (as you help them feel the spirit and the love God has for them) when they have a desire for themselves and act on that desire!

Just so you know, I would love pictures from anyone and everyone! I find I don't have any pictures to share my family with everyone, and I regret not having them! The world needs to know how much I love my family.

Missionary work can be a little bit discouraging sometimes! There are many unopened doors, cancelled appointments, and less-actives telling us they are no longer interested. Time isn't filled like I expected it to be.  It can be sad, but you just have to look at the bright side of things! There are so many miracles in missionary work! We had a Ward Christmas Party, and several less active families we see and an investigator came! The other day, my companion had an impression that we should go see if we could serve a less-active lady who is often sick. Turns out she really needed our help! We helped her by coloring with her kids, helping them make sugar cookies, saving the dough that was crumbly, and teaching them a message about Jesus, who is the center of everything and especially of Christmas! Sister Ray was very grateful that we showed up. I love her. Also, my companion and I are fasting to be able to find people to teach and get referrals, and I know that as we exercise our faith and put forth the efforts the Lord will bless us!

I have often felt the Spirit testify to me that the work that I'm involved in is true, and that it is right for me to be here. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you're doing what the Lord would have you do. Nothing. Remember that. I always want to have the Spirit in my life. It is so powerful. I feel lost without it, especially when things aren't going how I expect or want them to go. You learn that life isn't going to be perfect, but apparently perfection isn't what we need. What we need is to learn, grow, and become even better than we have been. 
I love the Gospel so much!

Guess what I also love? My family! Have a great week everyone! Go and do! I'm just full of wisdom today. Haha just kidding, the Spirit is the only true teacher.

Sister Bennett Junior

P.s. My biggest personal trial this week? Some friends told me that they saw The Hobbit 2 opening night, and they said that it is an absolutely incredible movie. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I knew it would be! Withdrawal symptoms ensue. That's ok. I'll be strong.

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